Top 10 Best Neighbourhoods In Halifax For Families (2024)

Halifax is a city located in Canada. It is the capital of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia and has the largest municipality in Atlantic Canada with a metro area population of about 417,000. The city has also proven to be one of the best places to live in Canada due to its low crime rate, good and flexible transportation system as well as beautiful aesthetics including the wonderful view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Some of the best neighborhoods in Halifax for families are Fairview, Bedford, Westmount, Beechville, Jubilee Road, Burnside, etc. these neighborhoods have been selected to be the best for families based on the median ages, families with children under 18, availability of amenities needed by families, schools, etc.

Halifax is a metropolitan area in Canada that serves as home to over 400,000 people, and there are several residential neighborhoods within this city including the south end, west end, downtown Dartmouth, etc. I gave details on the best places to live in Halifax for families.

Top 10 Best Neighborhood In Halifax For Families

1. Westmount

Westmount is a neighborhood in Halifax known for its laid-back ambiance and is a top choice for families. The surroundings of this neighborhood have several schools, kids’ playgrounds, grocery stores, etc which makes it very children and family-friendly. Asides from these, it is also a safe neighborhood with little or no occurrence of criminal activities, it is also an area that offers houses at very affordable prices, all these attributes contribute to it being one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Halifax.

2. Bedford

The most noticeable feature of this neighborhood is its schools and asides from this, it is also well known for its homely and welcoming community as well as its attractive trees, parks, and paths. This part of Halifax has the majority of its population being young couples and starting families, it, therefore, provides the right community for families and also exciting activities for all members of the family.

3. Fairview

Fairview is one of those areas that strikes a healthy balance. Despite having several wonderful parks, it is also close to the city’s center-wide and therefore offers an array of activities available for all age groups and also close to the business hub, hence making navigating between work life and family very easy for the parents. This part of Halifax also has a strong educational system with good schools available for the kids and above all, the security here is top notch most especially in its northern part.

4. Clayton Park

This Halifax neighborhood is one of the most well-liked areas in the city which also provides access to inexpensive housing. Clayton park is located close to Glenwood Apartments, and Fairview Estates. It is a multicultural neighborhood where all amenities, such as a variety of schools, recreation centers, and a public library, are also easily accessible and this makes it a very family-friendly neighborhood.

5. South End

The south end part of Halifax is a nice neighborhood that is family-friendly as well as children-friendly. It is an area that is majorly populated by young professionals and also has a solid educational system. This area has also been known to retain a low cost of housing despite the high increase in housing rates across other cities. The south-end neighborhood gives a feeling of community and is also a relatively safe area in Halifax.

6. North End

The north end has been ranked as one of the best places to live in Halifax. It is also an area that is well-suitable for families as it has access to parks and green areas, walkability, shops and dining options, and the convenience of traveling through fast and easy public transportation. It is also a large commercial part of Halifax, therefore, this provides several work opportunities for the parents which also contributes to a better quality of life for the family.

7. Beechville

This serene neighborhood is particularly favorable for families as it is majorly populated with young couples and families with kids. This part of the city has a very favorable low cost of living with several amenities such as parks, library, restaurants, etc, a good and affordable housing system, good schools with proper curriculums as well as a very low crime rate. In general, this neighborhood stands out as being one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Halifax.

8. Jubilee Road

This neighborhood is very exceptional as it has a 60% lower crime rate than most other neighborhoods in Halifax. It is also a place that has so many amenities that makes it livable for families e.g. good parks for children, restaurants for adults, schools, and proper recreational facilities for all age groups

9. Robie Street

Robie Street is a north-south artery that runs from Memorial Drive in the North End of Halifax to Gorsebrook Avenue in the South End. This neighborhood is known for its availability of various schools as well as its proximity to other parts of town. This neighborhood is also relatively safe with several amenities that make it suitable for both children and adults.

10. Keystone Estates 

This neighborhood is known for its abundance of housing properties and also has a low cost of living rate. It is also not left out in its availability of adequate amenities that help the family adapt well to this neighborhood. It is also relatively safe and it also has a very homely feel.

How much does it cost to own a house in Halifax?

The average price of a house in Halifax is about $533,500. It, however, varies depending on the size, location, amenities, age, and conditions of the apartment, although this price seems a little on the high side, there are several payment plans and mortgage options that are available to homeowners in Halifax.



To decide on the best neighborhoods in Halifax you need to put factors like cost of living, safety, tax rates, and many more into consideration.

However there are certain neighborhoods that have been singled out to be family-friendly and should therefore be your top choice when deciding to move to Halifax with your family, some of them are Westmount, Fairview, and Bedford, amongst others.