Top 10 Best Place To Live In Canada For Nigerian Immigrants (2024)

In cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa, where the immigrant population makes up half or more of the total, Canada is a true melting pot of cultures. Canada’s high standard of living, plentiful job opportunities and access to affordable healthcare attract people from all over the world.

Listed below are the top places to live in Canada for Nigerian immigrants

Top 10 Best Place To Live In Canada For Nigerian Immigrants

1. Saskatchewan

Over the course of its history, Saskatchewan has accepted immigrants from more than 180 different countries.

The province of Saskatchewan has a welcoming provincial nominee program that streamlines the immigration process for people with in-demand skills and experience.

Over the past ten years, the city has seen more people move to the province from other parts of the country than leave.

High salaries are another thing for which Saskatchewan is well-known. The average weekly wage in Saskatchewan has been around $970 for the past five years, placing it third best in the country.

The median wage has also been rising steadily over time, which is a plus.

2. Ontario

By a wide margin, the majority of new Canadians settle in Ontario. About half of all new Canadian permanent residents in 2021 settled in Ontario.

Most Ontarians live in Canada’s largest city, which also happens to be the most populous in the province. The province of Ontario is one of the healthiest in the country; it accounts for 37% of Canada’s gross domestic product through a combination of natural resources, manufacturing expertise, and exports. Nearly half of all workers in the high-tech, financial services, and other knowledge-intensive industries are based in the province.

3. Vancouver

Vancouver is consistently ranked as one of the world’s most livable cities. It can be found in British Columbia’s lower mainland.

The city has much more moderate summer and winter temperatures than the rest of Canada.

In general, the city experiences warm summers and mild winters, perfect for enjoying a variety of outdoor activities.

Public transportation is so convenient that most people don’t even need cars to get around.

Transportation is managed by TransLink, which operates a vast system of buses, rapid transit trains (SkyTrain), commuter trains (West Coast Express), and marine ferries (SeaBus).

4. Toronto

Toronto is a great city for young professionals, international students, and families. In addition to being Canada’s largest city, it also ranks highly on lists of multicultural megalopolises around the globe. Given the city’s diverse population, Toronto is an open and welcoming place for newcomers.

As the economic hub of Canada, Toronto attracts a large number of newcomers in search of the country’s plethora of educational and professional opportunities. Numerous tech startups can be found in the Greater Toronto Area, which also features a sizable film, media, industrial, and financial services sector.

The city’s excellent network of public transportation makes getting around a breeze. The city of Toronto has a low unemployment rate and a low crime rate, despite having one of the highest housing market prices in the world.

5. British Columbia

British Columbia, situated on Canada’s western coast, is widely regarded as having some of the country’s most breathtaking scenery. British Columbia ranked second most popular for newcomers in Canada in 2021, behind only Ontario. As a result of its mild climate and abundance of outdoor activities, British Columbia is frequently cited as the best province in Canada for newcomers.

As the most populous city in all of British Columbia, draws many visitors every year. With its Pacific coast location, Vancouver, Canada, offers breathtaking panoramas of the ocean and the surrounding mountains. Vancouver is also a popular filming location for Hollywood productions thanks to its dynamic arts community.

Victoria is the second-most-visited metropolis in British Columbia. The city of Victoria, situated on the southern end of Vancouver Island, is not only the capital of the Canadian province of British Columbia, but also the island’s largest city. As a city that takes its time to do things right, Victoria has everything a laid-back nature lover could want.

If you’re looking for a province with mild winters, British Columbia is a fantastic option. The coastal areas of British Columbia experience some of the mildest winters in all of Canada. In general, the interior and central regions of British Columbia experience warmer summers and hotter winters than the province’s coastal regions.

The economy of British Columbia is varied, with the service sector being its primary driver. Agriculture, construction, film/television, forestry, fisheries/aquaculture, high technology/manufacturing/mining, and tourism are also important economic drivers in British Columbia.

6. Calgary, AB

Calgary is widely regarded as Canada’s most immigrant-friendly community, making it a strong contender for the title of best Canadian city to raise a family.

More than half of Alberta’s non-native population has moved there for temporary reasons like education or employment, bringing the total number of non-natives to over a million. More than two hundred ethnic communities and one hundred languages are represented in Calgary.

The local economy in Calgary is robust and varied, with many opportunities in the fields of agriculture, energy, and transportation. It hopes to grow and develop emerging sectors like the travel and tourism industry, the health and life sciences sector, and the financial services sector.

7. Halifax, NS

As a port city, Halifax’s pace of life is more relaxed than that of larger cities like Vancouver or Toronto. TripAdvisor has named the city as one of the “Top 10 Rising Stars” in the world.

Halifax is a hub of arts and entertainment, with a plethora of museums, galleries, and theaters.

The bridge between Bedford, Halifax, and Dartmouth has allowed for the development of a thriving economy, a large pool of qualified job candidates, improved access to top-notch medical care, and the construction of numerous public amenities. Since it is a coastal city, both summer and winter can be spent enjoying the outdoors in Halifax, making it a fantastic place to visit for nature lovers.

8. Quebec

When considering where to settle in Canada, Quebec should also come to mind. If a new Canadian resident is interested in culture and the French language, they would do well to settle in Quebec.

Quebec is the largest province in Canada and is well-known for its French language, cultural diversity, and maple syrup. While French is the official language in Quebec, the provincial government does ensure that the English-speaking population has access to certain safeguards and services. Traveling around Quebec without knowing the language is possible, but learning French is recommended. In a fortunate turn of events, Quebec provides no-cost courses to recent arrivals who wish to become fluent in French.

The one-of-a-kind city with a French-speaking population manages to combine the best of the past with the present and the future with nature. Residents of Quebec City don’t hibernate during the winter because there are so many exciting winter activities and attractions to enjoy in the city, such as the famous Winter Carnival, tobogganing in the middle of town, and the Hotel de Glace (Ice Hotel).

Quebec has a diversified economy, with the manufacturing and service sectors being the most important.

9. Alberta

Located in Western Canada, Alberta is home to some of Canada’s most visited natural landmarks. Alberta is well-known for its abundant oil and natural gas resources, as well as its cattle farming, Rocky Mountains, and Dinosaur Provincial Park.

When it comes to newcomers to Canada, Calgary and Edmonton rank fourth and fifth most popular cities.

In terms of population, Calgary easily surpasses all other Albertan cities. Calgary is a fantastic city for those who enjoy being outdoors, as it is situated at the base of the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. When in Calgary, be sure to check out the Calgary Stampede & Exhibition, one of the world’s largest outdoor rodeos.

Although Calgary is the most populous city in Alberta, Edmonton is the provincial capital. Edmonton hosts over 30 festivals every year, so there’s always something to do. Edmonton also boasts the largest planetarium in Canada and the former largest shopping mall in the world.

When compared to other Canadian cities, Calgary and Edmonton have the most hours of sunshine. Albertans benefit from a lot of sunshine even though some parts of the province experience temperatures as low as -51 degrees Celsius in the winter. Temperatures rise dramatically once summer arrives, reaching as high as 35 °C in some parts of the province.

The oil and gas industry dominates Alberta’s economy, but other important sectors include farming, logging, schools, hotels, banks, and factories. Because of its lower taxes compared to the rest of Canada, Alberta is the best province to settle in if you’re an immigrant looking to save money.



If as a Nigerian, you are planning to migrate to Canada and you are in search of the best place to live in Canada for Nigerian immigrants, you would find these ten Canadian cities conducive for you,