Top 10 Cheapest Auto Parts Stores In Canada (2023)

Today, one doesn’t have to visit a parts store before getting stuff when needed. Right now, there are several auto parts stores around where one can simply order cheap parts right from the comfort of your home in Canada.

Some of the cheapest auto parts stores in Canada include Rock Auto, Parts Geek, Advance Auto Parts, NAPA, Buy Auto Parts, eBay, Amazon, Eckler’s, 1A Auto and FCP Euro

Top 10 Cheapest Auto Parts Stores In Canada

1. Rock Auto

You can easily order reliable and affordable auto parts from Rock Auto. This store is a strong one with a great reputation too, and they have many customers already that are ordering different parts of different make and models of vehicles. Interestingly, Rock Auto sources its auto parts from different auto manufacturers from different places in the world. Hence, customers will easily get cheap stuff here. However, it should be noted that these guys don’t offer free shipping on any of their parts.

2. Parts Geek

Here is a discount auto parts retailer that has been in business for many years now. They provide a lot of OEM as well as aftermarket parts for different makes and models. You can definitely get many affordable parts here, including hard-to-find ones at great value too. It should also be added however that while these guys are superb at what they do, you can battle with stuff like some of their questionable customer service policies. Parts Geek is definitely one of the best auto parts retailers around.

3. Advance Auto Parts

These guys have their strength in the sales of car batteries in particular. You can get Die Hard batteries at Advance Auto Parts which are nice and reliable. Of course, you can get much more here. Advance Auto Parts offer many auto parts and their customers can even get free shipping too. They have thousands of stores all around, and also permit their customers to earn points on each of their purchases.


Here, customers can also even receive estimates on repairs in addition to ordering auto parts. NAPA Auto Parts is really not just a full-service online parts store, but they also have tons of repair shops around. You can schedule appointments at any of them, and it can be nice. This is one of the edges associated with NAPA. But what concerns us here and what is more important is that you can get affordable auto parts from them. However, you only get to buy stuff from a specific brand alone. But it’s alright. NAPA offers necessary tools and even diagnostic equipment too. You will come across several automotive accessories on their website.

5. Buy Auto Parts

These guys not only have a reputation for their superb customer service, but they also sell affordable auto parts. They are an online parts store that also offers a live auto expert to help customers get the right part. They don’t simply offer free shipping on all orders over $99, but they will eagerly cover the parts you get in the case of issues. Also, and also interestingly, offers discounts to new customers.

6. eBay

Many auto parts buyers are not yet maximizing the potential of eBay. Actually, the platform remains a great way to get everything you need without spending too much, and auto parts are not exempted. Indeed, many vendors here keep utilizing the platform to sell parts, and buyers can get value for their money. If you are familiar with eBay, then you should know already that you can always track down the parts that you need to get and get adequate information before making an order.

7. Amazon

This list shouldn’t be complete if we won’t talk about Amazon. It is already a well-known platform where several things are sold, and you will see tons of car parts too. In fact, it is possible to constantly get free shipping here, particularly for folks with Amazon Prime. One prominent factor Amazon can be listed here is that the platform works with various vendors. You shouldn’t get stressed to discover not just the part you need, but also affordable ones.

8. Eckler’s

These guys are unique in their operations. They are majorly into automotive restoration and performance parts. They are a premium parts store for the sales of high-end components. You can buy affordable stuff here, but not everything they sell is cheap. However, this brand has been selling top-notch parts for some time now, and you can look towards their direction.

9. 1A Auto

Here is another store you can get cheap auto parts from. They have numerous automotive parts for a wide array of vehicles. Not just that 1A Auto provides parts for a wide array of vehicles at an affordable price, but their team usually put out automotive repair videos where you how can learn how to replace various components. That is incredible, right? Wait, it’s not yet over! 1A Auto not only specialize in at-home mechanics, but standard shipping is always free no matter what one is buying.

10. FCP Euro

This is a top-notch auto parts place where you can get parts for certain superb car makes and models. You can get parts for your European vehicles at FCP Euro with ease. Here is a strategy that has ensured that their products can’t but be cheap – since they focus more on sourcing parts for such vehicles as affordable as possible. If you should purchase stuff that is over $49 here, you will get free shipping for sure. Customers can easily purchase all the hard-to-get parts at FCP Euro, and also enjoy their lifetime replacement guarantee on any products you bought from them that stopped working when it should not. Of course, not every platform can give you such a luxury. Hence, it is obvious that FCP Euro are operating an intelligent strategy.



These cheapest auto parts stores in Canada don’t just sell affordable auto parts, but they also offer reliable products.