Top 5 Cheapest Cell Phone Plan Montreal (2023)

Every street in Montreal has its own unique appeal that will make you halt in your tracks and create priceless memories, whether it’s a memorable drink at Peel Pub or an exciting day at the Bell Centre. But in addition to a wide range of historical and artistic activities, Montreal also offers cutting-edge high-tech infrastructures that support many sectors. Indeed, Montreal is a municipality that looks forward. It benefits from the quick development of technology and keeps up with it, including competitive mobile network coverage.

There are different types of cell phone plans in Montreal, but the cheapest cell phone plan in Montreal is Koodo Mobile which starts at as low as $15 monthly.

It’s not necessary to give up your current phone in order to switch to a new cell phone plan. It’s not always necessary to get the most recent and best gadget, especially if the phone you currently own is in fine working order. You can switch Montreal phone plans with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) plans without having to pay for a new phone.

The primary distinction between postpaid and prepaid BYOD plans is that prepaid plans require payment at the start of each month (vs at the end). It also requires monthly renewal, as opposed to ongoing postpaid plans. Some carriers provide auto-renewal so that if you fail to renew for a month, you won’t lose service. Prepaid plans provide the advantage that you can change your plan or carrier at any moment because you are not bound by a contract. Not to mention, there is no requirement for a credit check, making it simple to sign up for a Montreal prepaid plan even with bad credit.

Cheapest Cell Phone Plans in Montreal 2023

1. Koodo Mobile

You receive 500 minutes of province-wide talk time, unlimited domestic and international texting, and 500MB of data with Koodo Mobile’s $25 Base Plan, all powered by TELUS’ strong network. Even though the data allowance might appear a little modest, you won’t need to worry if you use your phone exclusively over WiFi. Additionally, since this bundle is prepaid, you can avoid having your credit examined.

2. Fido Mobile

Fido has its own CEO and autonomous mobile plans, which are particularly popular with millennials, despite being a division of Rogers Communications. This is probably because they have good coverage and signal, and their mobile charges are reasonable even if you consume a lot of data. Plans start at $35 per month for personal use. For that much, you get unlimited talk and text. Spending an additional $10 will get you 2GB of data + 5 hours per month for free. The other proposals also include this last component.

3. Fizz Mobile Plan

It is one of the cheaper phone plans in Montreal and it is widely used for its many advantages;

  • Use a member’s referral code to subscribe and receive a $25 incentive.
  • You can carry over unused data to the following month.
  • Earn benefits such as money off your monthly plan.
  • Change your strategy whenever necessary.

4. Chatr Mobile

Many low-cost phone plans provide scant or no data. If you want a lot of data but don’t want to pay more than $100 a month for it, take a look at Chatr Mobile’s $40 Nationwide Talk, Text, & Data Plan. This prepaid plan includes unlimited talk and text, as well as 4.5GB of 3G data. While 3G internet speeds aren’t ideal for heavy streaming, they should be sufficient for other activities like online browsing, social media, and email. The autopay option is great if you don’t want to worry about manually renewing your plan each month and saves you $5 a month.

5. Bell Monthly

Bell’s $35 Monthly Prepaid Voice Plan is an amazing method to access its world-class network without having your credit checked. This prepaid plan offers unlimited domestic and international texting and calling inside Canada in addition to 100MB of high-speed data. This is one of the most affordable plans offered by a reputable provider.

Which is the best cell phone company in Montreal?

Although Videotron is the hometown favorite in Montreal, Bell, Telus, and Rogers provide stronger coverage. Major urban and suburban areas continue to have strong coverage because of Videotron (and its flanker brand, Fizz). This is a fantastic plan if your data usage fluctuates from month to month because any unused data rolls over for one month. We advise upgrading to the Canada Plus USA plan for /a month if you have trip plans to the U.S. or simply make a lot of calls to friends and relatives there. On the other hand, a Montreal-only version of this plan is available for /a month if you don’t frequently travel (or make calls outside) the province.

Why are Montreal cell phone plans cheaper?

Due to fierce competition from Videotron, major carriers like Fido, Koodo, and Fizz offer lower prices in Montreal. Our data tracking team regularly observes plans offered by these three carriers that cost $5 less per month than those in other regions of the country and have comparable speak time and data packs. Although they normally have a lower data cap, even premium cell phone service companies like Bell, Telus, and Rogers offer plans for $10 less.

Do Fizz Mobile plans have service outside Montreal, Quebec?

The majority of Fizz Mobile’s plans are functional outside of the province. Customers who don’t travel often, however, can select a plan that simply covers Quebec. These programs only offer modest discounts, though. If you decide to go outside of Quebec, roaming fees can quickly mount up. WhistleOut advises paying an additional $2 per month to upgrade to countrywide service.



Some of the most expensive mobile plans available worldwide are in Canada. Even if you aren’t seeking for a premium plan with limitless internet, it could be difficult to locate a simple, affordable cell phone plan. There are, however, some reasonably priced solutions available; some of our favorites are offered by specialized carriers like Lucky Mobile, Public Mobile, and Chatr. For the cheapest cell phone plans in Montreal, you will need to look out for providers like Koodo Mobile, Fizz Mobile, Bell Monthly, Chatr Mobile, and Fido Mobile.