Top 6 Cheapest Cell Phone Plans In Toronto (2023)

A monthly cost is charged for a set number of calling minutes, text messages, and data for things like using social media apps and browsing the internet. Optional extra services like more data, hotspot tethering, or streaming services could be available with the plans.

There are different types of cell phone plans in Toronto, but the cheapest cell phone plan in Toronto is Chatr Mobile which starts at as low as $20 monthly.

If you find yourself new in Canada or any of its cities, you can use an online tool called Celagora It can be quite useful when looking for a suitable cell phone plan because it will spare you the time-consuming chore of sorting through various providers and their features. Using the free online application Celagora, you can get answers to important queries like:

  • Your yearly mobile phone usage
  • Calculate your monthly data and SMS message requirements.
  • Would you like a voicemail?
  • Do you need extras like unlimited calls on the weekends or in the evenings?

After you submit this information and select “see,” Celagora will provide feedback along with the appropriate plans that fit your entry.

Top 10 Cheapest Cell Phone Plans in Toronto

1. Bell

The largest 4G, LTE, and WiFi network in Canada is Bell. Bell also promises 99% nationwide mobile service, which includes Toronto’s downtown. They have a highly robust network that never drops below 2G. They also have choices for using your own phone that let you take advantage of offerings like “broad call” and text for about $60 per month with the option to add 2GB of data for an extra $25. Bell currently offers a wide range of high-end smartphones together with unique data plans. A few examples are the iPhone X ($399.99 starting price), Samsung Galaxy S9+ ($129 starting price), and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ($549).

2. Koodo

Telus Mobility’s subsidiary Koodo mostly caters to younger customers. They provide prepaid, postpaid, and wireless home phone services in addition to having extensive cell phone coverage across the whole of Canada. They stopped supporting CDMA devices. They only use HSPA+ and LTE networks at the moment. The latter option would incur a tab fee in addition to your monthly plan. However, the device is yours after your tab balance is paid in whole, and your monthly bill decreases. You must go through a credit check before activation. Plans start at $30, and you can change them whenever you want.

3. Rogers

Rogers Communications, which conveniently has its headquarters in Toronto, provides home internet and mobile plans. Their signal strength is unmatched, making it possible to stream music, play games, and view videos without any problems. You have the choice of using one of their phones or bringing your own. If you choose the first course of action, you have a variety of smartphone plans to pick from, starting with one priced at $80 a month that offers unlimited talk and text as well as 3GB of data. Additionally, they provide data-only tablet deals, basic speak and text phone plans, and mobile Internet options (data only). The rates start at $110/month for 3GB of data, with an additional 2GB available for $5 more. These programs are best suited for corporate customers like you.

5. Fido

Despite being a division of Rogers Communications, Fido has its own CEO and autonomous mobile plans, which are particularly well-liked by millennials. This is most likely due to their strong signal and coverage, as well as the fact that their mobile rates are not too expensive, even if you use a lot of data. Plan prices for personal use start at $35 per month. You receive unlimited calls and texts for that sum. You can receive 2GB of data + 5 hours each month for free by spending an extra $10. This final element is present in the other plans as well.

6. Chatr Mobile

Due to its remarkably affordable cell phone plans in Toronto, Chatr—another division of Rogers Communications—is particularly well-liked among entry-level users. The greater Toronto area as well as other urban areas in cities like Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, etc. are covered by it. There are no term commitments or credit checks with Chatr. Each of their plans, which are offered as regular plans and auto-pay plans (which charge your pre-authorized credit card), includes group calling, call display, and call forwarding. They also range in price from $20 to $50. Bring your own phone agreements to allow you to take advantage of cell plans starting at $20. The fact that Chatr Mobile’s coverage is restricted to a few urban locations and its data is 3G is its main drawback.

Do cheap cell phone plans offer unlimited talk and text?

Today, almost all providers of cheap cell phone plans include unlimited speaking and text as part of their service, thus the biggest cost savings are usually realized by reducing data usage rather than other features.

What is the best 4GB data plan in Canada?

4GB and Unlimited Minutes Plan from Koodo. Koodo Mobile now offers the best smartphone plan in Canada, offering 4GB of data, unlimited call, and text, and $55/month provided you bring your own phone. Why we adore it: Giving Canadians unlimited call and text time is just the beginning.



The cheapest cell phone plans in Toronto start from as low as 20CAD, and there is surely a wide range of options to pick from.

Before putting your money on any of the plans, you will need to look into their features to tell if the plan suits your data or phone call requirement.

The cost of cellphone plans in Canada is among the highest in the world. Even if you’re not looking for a premium plan with unlimited data, it might be difficult to locate a straightforward, affordable cell phone plan. Low-cost plans do exist, though, and some of our favorites are offered by specialized carriers like Lucky Mobile, Public Mobile, and Chatr.