Top 10 Cheapest eBikes In Canada (2022)

When most people hear the term “electric bike,” the first thing that comes to mind is a scooter or an electric motorcycle, but they are not the same thing. Electric bikes are bicycles that have a pedal and a handlebar like a standard bicycle. The electric component is intended to supplement rather than totally replace human power. It makes challenges such as hills and headwinds more manageable and helps you to travel further without becoming exhausted.

Top 10 Cheapest eBikes In Canada

1. Lectric XP 2.0 – $999

The Lectric XP 2.0 folding electric bike is uniquely positioned as the greatest value electric bike due to its superb product, free delivery of a fully constructed bike, and exceptional customer service.

The XP 2.0 is ideal as a commuter bike because it folds up quickly, allowing you to take it on public transportation, stow it at the office, and take on any commute without breaking a sweat. Furthermore, it comes with practically everything you need (rear rack not included) for easy commuting or urban riding.

2. Ride1UP – $1,195

The Ride1UP Core 5 is one of the company’s top eBike solutions for city riding, designed for comfort and performance on city streets and cycleways. This low-cost electric commuter bike is classified as Class 3, which means it has a throttle limit of 20 mph and pedal assistance of 28 mph. Due to the lightweight frame and stripped-down components, this is possible over ranges of 20 to 40 miles even with a small 10,4Ah battery.

The Core 5 was designed with all-around performance in mind. It has 650b all-terrain Kenda tires with K-Shield puncture resistance, a dependable Shimano Altus gear, and Tektro mechanical disc brakes.

3. RadRunner 1 – $1,299 

The RadRunner 1 inexpensive eBike is extremely adaptable and has been dubbed the “most configurable electric bike on the market.”

Using Rad Power attachments, you may personalize the RadRunner for any job or usage you want, with a total of 330 accessory options. This feature makes this bike ideal for anyone who loves adaptability.

The bike is also extremely comfortable to ride, thanks to its low step-through frame (which also serves as a storage area with one accessory), wide, shock-absorbent Kenda tires, and upright posture. 

4. VVolt Alpha – $1,300

The VVolt is a new electric bike manufacturer that has made a timely and successful entry into the tough and competitive e-bike market. The Alpha & Alphas are fantastic bikes since they mix a slew of high-quality components at a reasonable price. A 60-mile range is a difficult promise to keep, but given the motorcycles’ belt-drivetrain, weight, and the combination of 350W motor and 375Wh battery, it is likely possible.

5. Velowave eMTB – $1,400

The Velowave electric mountain bike is one of the most well-rounded and reasonably priced MTB choices. This bike is a joy to ride thanks to its beautiful integrated design and dependable components and technology.

The Velowave, like most e-MTBs, comes with knobby 27.5′′ x 2.35′′ tires and an adjustable suspension fork. It also sports mechanical disc brakes and a Shimano 7-speed transmission.

This bike’s battery and motor combination is formidable. It boasts a strong 500W geared hub motor and a large 624Wh battery, giving it plenty of kick and range (up to 35 miles) for steep slopes or heavy cargo. The battery is likewise located in the downtube, which enhances handling.

6. Electra Cruiser GO – $1,550

Trek’s Electra brand specializes in high-quality, low-cost electric bikes, and the Cruiser GO! is one of their most dependable and comfortable models. The GO is designed in the style of a classic beach cruiser, with comfort-focused components that provide a relaxed and smooth ride on city streets and urban trails. Its comfortable saddle with suspension,  shock-absorbing 2.35′′ tires, and soft grips, all contribute to the premium ride feel.

Furthermore, Electra’s Flat Foot technology allows you to pedal in the best posture while also being able to place your foot flat on the ground as needed. 

7. Marin-Stinson ST – $1,640

Marin’s Stinson step-through e-bike is a fantastic value with superb comfort features.

Marin designed this bike for ease of use and comfort without losing power. It accomplishes this through the use of a step-through frame design that facilitates mounting and dismounting, an ergonomic saddle, a steel fork, and soft 2.35′′ tires.

All of this, paired with a 250W motor and a 309Wh battery, results in five levels of pedal assistance. Because of the light aluminum frame, you can still cycle effortlessly if your battery dies, unlike other hefty e-bikes with the 7-speed Shimano transmission.

8. AroundtheBlock 250W – $1,650

Another outstanding budget-friendly e-bike is Sixthreezero’s AroundtheBlock. It features a reduced beach cruiser style that maximizes comfort and convenience for any urban riding experience. The AroundtheBlock is powered by a 250W motor that can be used in pedal aid or throttle activation modes. With a fully charged battery, riders may travel up to 30 miles and reach top speeds of 24mph with pedal assistance. It also comes with a 7-speed derailleur for spinning the legs.

This bike’s integrated motor, battery, and wiring add to its sleek appearance, while the rear rack and fenders guarantee you’re well equipped for any work. 

9. Biktrix Moto – $2,299

The Biktrix Moto electric has a lot of appealing features. The dual batteries, on the other hand, have to be near the top of the list. The single battery option starts at $2,299, but the dual battery option increases the range up to 100 miles. Even with just one 1008Wh battery, the capacity makes these some of the largest batteries in the e-bike business. When you combine that with a powerful motor, big handlebars, and a large bench seat, you have a very enjoyable electric bike.

10. Electric VanMoof S3 – $2,300

VanMoof is known for producing stylish and technologically advanced e-bikes for commuters and urban navigators. The S3 can reach speeds of up to 20 mph and is equipped with a high torque motor and an automatic electronic transmission. There’s also a beautifully enclosed chain, which is ideal for urban cyclists who don’t want chain grease on their jeans or ankles.


There are now more cheap electric bikes In the Canadian market, and their popularity will expand as technology evolves and urban riding infrastructure improves. We hope you were able to see the one that fit your budget in our list of most affordable ebikes in Canada.


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