Top 10 Cheapest Flight Schools In Canada (2024)

There are several flight schools in Canada that are located in different parts of the country. There, any one can learn stuff like flight operations, Aircraft Maintenance, and so on. Here is the path to even get the Transport Canada Approved Integrated Commercial Pilot License. The doors are usually opened for any eligible person, but the problem is usually the huge fees one has to pay. However, there are certain affordable flight schools around too.

Top 10 cheapest flight schools in Canada would include the University of Fraser Valley, Confederation College, University of Waterloo, Western University – Canada, Fanshawe College, Georgian College, Moncton Flight College, Sault College, The British Columbia Institute of Technology, and Seneca College.

Top 10 Cheapest Flight Schools In Canada

1. University of Fraser Valley

The University of Fraser Valley offers flexible options that will take students toward the particular pathway they are compassionate about in the aviation industry. You can go for a two-year degree to get a pilot license after the equipping. You can also choose an academic path infused with flight training to get a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Even if you are interested in repairs and maintenance of aircraft, you can always enroll here. Generally, the institution is one of the most affordable flight schools in Canada, as students can pay just $5,575 as first-year tuition fee.

2. Confederation College

There are different aviation courses you can take at Confederation College, and you can be sure of being properly equipped with the right skills to excel in the industry. It doesn’t matter your interest – be it Aircraft Maintenance, Aviation Flight Management, Aerospace Engineering, and so on. Confederation College is one of the most affordable flight schools around, as the tuition is from around $5,644.

3. University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo has a reputation for being a prominent Canadian flight school that’s combining academic education with practical training. Hence, the institution is a very recommendable one for folks enthusiastic about the aviation industry. There are a lot of things to be taught and learnt here, and you don’t have to break the bank to get into the system. The tuition here is from around $8,000.

4. Western University, Canada

This is not just an affordable flight school in Canada, but Western University is also one of the largest of its kind in the country. They offer a reputable bachelor’s degree for interested folks, in programs such as Commerical Aviation Management. One prominent advantage of studying in Western University is that it is very easy to work as a professional pilot after graduating from the institution. This is because you can choose to graduate with a Transport Canada approved Integrated Commercial Pilot License. Their tuition is from around $$8,523

5. Fanshawe College

The institution is home to the Norton Wolf School of Aviation Technology and is reputable for being one of the best flight schools around here. Interested learners can apply for programs in different areas, consistent with what they want to explore. For instance, if you are passionate about aircraft and engine maintenance, you can apply for any of the courses in this area, and you will be properly equipped. Fanshawe College can also boast of having the only virtual maintenance laboratory in Canada. Their tuition is from around $9,266.

6. Georgian College

Here is another affordable flight school in Canada, offering a 3-year Aviation Management Diploma course from the Barrie campus in scenic Kempenfelt Bay. You can rest assured that you will be vehemently trained in Georgian College to do well in the aviation industry. Students will get to receive a good dose of theoretical understanding as well as hands-on experience in aviation and management. Tuition is from around $10,500 – $12,500.

7. Moncton Flight College

Moncton Flight College has been around for many years now (been running since 1929), and has trained thousands of pilots from different places in the world. While talking about an institution like Moncton Flight College in the league of flight schools in Canada, we can’t limit our scope to the institution being simply one of the most affordable you will find around, but we should also emphasize that it is one of the best flight schools in Canada. Here is an institution with appropriate approvals from Transport Canada as well as the Civil Aviation Administration of China. Tuition fee here is around CA$20,998 per year.

8. Sault College

Sault College is another prominent institution in Canada that has been around for many years, as a vocational school in the country. A lot of pilots have been consistently trained since they started doing this, as they offer programs where students are practically engaged to become professionals. You can sign up for courses like airport wildlife management, aviation technology flight, and so on. Tuition is from $18,000 – $50,000.

9. The British Columbia Institute of Technology

This place has a reputation for being the first flight school in Canada. Hence, it has an advantage when it comes to experience and all of that.  The British Columbia Institute of Technology can boast of different courses that will help you excel in this field, irrespective of what you are passionate about. It doesn’t matter if you want to become an aircraft maintenance engineer or a professional pilots – you can start your journey at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

10. Seneca College

Seneca College is another top-flight school around, and their graduates can find things easy in the aviation industry due to certain structures already in place. You can study aviation programs like aerospace technology, aviation security, and so on.



These top 10 cheapest flight schools in Canada should bring relief to folks on the verge of being discouraged from actualizing their dreams of flying planes due to the high fee usually charged by the average flight school. It must however be added that before you settlefor any flight school here, reach out to the institution, as their fees may change at any time.