Top 10 Cheapest Grocery Stores in Calgary (2024)

Let’s talk about food for a few minutes because just like music, food is also a universal language. Groceries make up a large portion of a sumptuous meal. One can hardly whip up a great and satisfying meal without groceries. However, groceries are pricey in Canada, and Calgary isn’t left out. 

I am pretty sure that you would love to cut costs on grocery shopping and to achieve that you will need to know grocery stores in Calgary that offer discounted prices on quality grocery items. Thankfully, there are tons of Cheap Grocery stores in Calgary that do not only offer discounted prices for groceries but they do not also compromise on the quality of their groceries. However, No Frills tops the list of the Cheapest Grocery stores in Calgary as they offer discounted prices on quality grocery items 

Top 10 Affordable Grocery Stores in Calgary

1. No Frills 

No frills is a Canadian-based discount supermarket owned by Loblaw Companies. The store offers seafood, frozen foods, meat & poultry, snacks, dairy, baked foods, produce, and general merchandise at discounted prices. Additionally, the store retails liquor and gasoline at designated locations. 

No Frills boast of offering groceries at discounted prices that no other grocery store can beat which is stated in their slogan Won’t Be Beat! There are 8 No Frills store locations in Calgary so you will undoubtedly find one in your locality. So the next time you go grocery shopping, No Frills is the place to look for quality grocery items at affordable prices in Calgary.

2. Walmart 

Walmart Supercenters and discount stores are renowned in Canada for the exceptionally low prices of both general merchandise and groceries and their Calgary store locations are not an exception. Walmart supercenters offer quality baked goods, fresh seafood, fresh meat & poultry, dairy products, frozen foods, general merchandise, and drugs all at unbelievably discounted prices. 

Additionally, Walmart makes fast food outlets, salons, banking services, medical services, legal services, photography studios, and pet shops available to its numerous customers at incredibly discounted prices. So the next time that you want to save some money while shopping for groceries Walmart Supercenters or discount stores are the place to be.

3. Save on Foods 

Save-on-Foods is another discount supermarket in Calgary that is owned by the Overwaitea Food Group. The store is renowned in Calgary for its incredibly cheap groceries. Save-on-Foods stores offer Groceries, Personal care products, General Merchandise, and Pharmacy services to their customers at cheap prices. 

Additionally, the Supermarket also offers the sales of wine at designated store locations. In Calgary, 8 Save-on-Foods store locations are in operation. The store lives up to its name by helping Calgary residents to save up on grocery costs. Visit them for your next grocery shopping and watch how you save up on grocery items.

4. Safeway 

With 22 store locations in Calgary, you are sure to find a Safeway grocery store in your area of residence. Safeway is a Canadian-based supermarket that is owned by Sobeys. The Store offers groceries, baked goods, flowers, prescription drugs, coffee, general merchandise, and gasoline all at discounted prices. 

Safeway stores are devoted to making world-class services available to customers across Canada. They live up to their slogan of Ingredients for life by making grocery items available to their customers at incredibly cheap prices. It is one of the cheapest grocery stores in Calgary so you can choose to visit them for your next grocery shopping to save up a couple of dollars. What’s more? You can find almost any type of grocery item at any of the Safeway store locations in Calgary.

5. Real Canadian Superstore 

Officially owned by Loblaw Companies Real Canadian Superstore is another cheap supermarket in Calgary that offers grocery items at discounted prices. It is fondly referred to as Superstore or RCSS by Calgary residents. A large segment of the Supermarket is dedicated to groceries so it can be safely referred to as a grocery store and an affordable one undoubtedly. 

Other products that the supermarket offers to its customers at discounted prices comprise baked goods, snacks, Pharmacy services, general merchandise, photography studios, medical services, frozen foods, seafood, dairy, deli, and wine. Designated store locations offer liquor and gasoline to Calgary residents at discounted prices. To save up a couple of dollars, you can walk into any of the 14 store locations of the Real Canadian Superstore in Calgary.

6. Costco Wholesale 

Costco Wholesale is an American-owned international discount store with four of its store locations in Calgary. The store offers dairy, baked goods, flowers, fresh farm produce, meat & poultry, seafood, and general merchandise at discounted wholesale prices. Some store locations have photography studios, pharmacies, gasoline stations, and optometrists. 

The best way to save a couple of bucks at Costco wholesale is by buying your grocery items in bulk. You can find all kinds of groceries that you need in Costco at wholesale prices. So draw up a list of the grocery items you will be needed in bulk and walk into Costco to get them at cheap prices.

7. Sunterra Market 

Sunterra Market is a Canadian-based, family-owned grocery store that specializes in making fresh food, produce, and groceries available to their customers. They offer fresh meat, frozen foods, dairy, farm produce, fresh food items, and baked goods at discounted prices to their customers. 

The grocery store is committed to nurturing its customers with fresh and healthy food items at affordable prices. They are renowned for retail products that were gotten from their farm. Sunterra Market is a grocery store that you can trust to get quality and fresh grocery items.

8. Sobey’s 

Sobey’s is a Canadian-based discount supermarket that is officially owned by Empire Company. They offer baked goods, snacks, farm produce, frozen foods, seafood, dairy, meat & poultry, deli, and general grocery to their customers at discounted prices. Sobey’s 14 store locations in Calgary offer discounted prices on quality grocery items. 

Sobey’s store is undoubtedly the place to be for cheap grocery items in Calgary. It is safe to say that Sobey’s is one of the cheapest grocery stores in Calgary, so the next time that you go grocery shopping, you should walk into Sobey’s to enjoy cheap grocery items.

9. T & T Supermarket 

Officially owned by Loblaw companies, T&T supermarket is a Canadian-based supermarket that specializes in Asian foods. They offer farm produce, snacks, baked goods, dairy, meat & poultry, seafood, frozen foods, deli, and general grocery at discount prices to their customers. T &T supermarket has 3 store locations in Calgary. 

T & T supermarket is undoubtedly one of the cheapest grocery stores in Calgary. It would be best that you discover the T & T Supermarket closest to your area of residence of the 3 store locations ahead of your next grocery shopping.

10. Kalamata Grocery Store 

Kalamata grocery store is a Canadian-based grocery that specializes in Mediterranean products. The store offers all kinds of grape leaves, freshly baked pitas, feta cheese, Greek olives, prepared hummus, Greek oregano, dolmades, pastry-thin Baklava, and sumac oregano at discounted prices to their numerous customers. Kalamata Grocery store is the place to be to get Mediterranean grocery items at affordable prices in Calgary and it is undoubtedly one of the cheapest grocery stores in Calgary. 



The prices of grocery items in a store or supermarket determine if a grocery store or supermarket is a cheap grocery store or the opposite. Of the numerous grocery stores across Calgary, the grocery stores examined above are in the list of cheapest grocery stores in Calgary. 

I would love to know which of these grocery stores your preferred choice is, and you can tell me all about it in the comment section below. Your comments, thoughts, and opinions are also warmly welcomed in the comment section below, so please feel free to drop them there. I will be waiting to read and hear from you.