10 Cheapest Mobile Plans In Canada (2023)

Cell phone plans can be quite pricey. However, they are a necessity that cannot be avoided as our modern society becomes increasingly dependent on mobile gadgets. While you won’t be able to reduce your cell phone bills to zero, there are several low-cost phone plans available that will bring you quite close.

We compiled a list of our top picks for the finest low-cost phone plans available. We considered not only price but also which programs provide the most value based on your demands. If you don’t use a lot of data each month (which most people don’t), you can save a lot of money.

10 Cheapest Mobile Plans In Canada

1. Mint Mobile 4GB for $15

Mint Mobile swiftly established itself as one of the best carriers for consumers on a tight budget. While 4GB isn’t a lot, Mint’s lowest cell phone plan is ideal if you mostly use your phone for social media, internet searches, and less data-consuming apps. However, It’s important to note that after three months, Mint Mobile will ask you to pay for a 24-month plan in order to maintain the $15/month price.

2. Tello Economy 1GB for $10

Mint’s 4GB data offer at $15 might be an excellent plan, but there are other data plans that could also try to take its place and one of them is the Tello’s Economy plan which costs a monthly fee of $10.  In this plan, you will be limited to 1GB of data. Although the data might be small compared to Mints, you still get unlimited calls and messages on top of your monthly plan.

3. T-Mobile Connect 3GB data plan for $15

T-Mobile Connect now offers 3GB of data per month for only $15, and every year, T-Mobile increases the data cap by 0.5GB. If you want something more, you can also upgrade to the T-Mobile Connect 6GB plan which cost an additional $10 for $25 per month.

However, if you only need data for surfing the web, then their 1GB data plan for $10 is an ideal option. However, there is a significant limitation to the T-Mobile Connect plan: once your quota is used up, you are out of data for the remainder of the billing cycle, and when you reach your monthly limit on several competing plans, your browsing speed will drop down.

4. Verizon Prepaid 15GB for $45

Verizon’s usual $45-per-month prepaid plan now includes a substantially larger data cap, with 15GB included each month. The $45 pricing includes a $5 autopay discount, but Verizon’s prepaid discounts get you more of this. If you continue using your Verizon prepaid plan for three months continuously, you’ll save an additional $5, and after ten months, you’ll be paying $35 per month for the same 15GB of data. Verizon is the carrier with the fastest speeds and coverage, in addition to the best pricing and data advantages. This prepaid plan offers 5G coverage.

5. Verizon 5G Play More for $80

Verizon has changed its unlimited data plans now that it has expanded its Ultra Wideband network for fast 5G coverage. Despite these modifications, the 5G Play More plan remains one of the best plans to go for. A single plan of unlimited data costs $80 a month, but that fee includes access to Verizon’s fastest Ultra Wideband 5G service, 50GB of priority data, and free subscriptions to a variety of streaming services, including Disney’s streaming bundle. The per-line charge also decreases as you add more lines to your plan, which is great for families. If you exceed the 50GB limit, Verizon will slow down your browsing and download speeds. But the $90/month 5G Get More plan removes that restriction while also providing additional benefits.

6. T-Mobile Unlimited data Magenta for $70

T-Mobile Magenta for $70 offers an excellent balance of pricing and performance. While this middle-tier plan lacks some features, such as HD streaming (which can be added for a fee via Magenta Plus), the Magenta plan is worth it for the lower price. When you have two or more lines on your plan, you get unlimited priority data and free Netflix. In addition, the Magenta plan includes a free year of both Apple TV Plus and Paramount Plus.

7. Mint Mobile Unlimited data for $30

Mint Mobile emerges as the most cost-effective alternative, particularly when it comes to unlimited data. Mint Mobile, which uses T-Mobile’s network, only charges you $30 for its unlimited package. While that is a fantastic bargain, you won’t be surprised to learn that there are some drawbacks. 

Mint’s speeds, for both 4G and 5G, drop after your first 35GB of data usage, and Mint’s plans can become quite expensive after the first three months, with significant upfront costs to achieve the best rates. 

8. Visible Unlimited data for $40/month

Not everyone will want to pay in advance to get Mint’s cell phone package. In that situation, Visible’s $40/month unlimited data plan is a tempting alternative, as it is the second-lowest rate for unlimited data. Because Visible is a Verizon MVNO, you’ll get access to Verizon’s network, including 5G service on eligible devices. As you add additional lines, the cost per line decreases. If you want to give Visible a shot, there is now a free 15-day trial period where you can test the service on your current phone.

9. AT&T unlimited Elite plan for $85

AT&T’s highest unlimited data package is more expensive than T-Mobile and Verizon’s biggest cell phone plans. However, it provides benefits that other plans do not, like free access to HBO Max, which is currently one of the best streaming services available. Furthermore, the Unlimited Elite plan no longer has any data consumption caps, so your data speed will never go down. You also get 4K streaming where it is accessible, as well as more hotspot data of 40GB. The Elite option, like AT&T’s two lower unlimited plans (unlimited Starter costs $65/month and unlimited Extra costs $75) offers six months of the Google Stadia streaming game service for free. If you only need one line of data, AT&T now offers a $50/month Value Plus Plan that includes unlimited call, text, and data.

10. Google Fi’s Unlimited Plus plan for $65

Consider Google Fi if you plan on purchasing a Pixel 5a or Pixel 6. Google’s wireless service is now the only carrier offering the Pixel 5a, and the phone is designed to seamlessly move between different cellular networks for the best coverage. Google Fi also sells other network-optimized phones, including all three Galaxy S22 versions. After a recent price decrease, Google Fi’s unlimited package now costs $65/month, with savings available on additional lines. More importantly, you can use your Google Fi Unlimited Plus plan in over 200 different countries with no service interruptions or extra charges, making Google Fi Unlimited Plus one of the finest international phone plans.


It can be difficult to determine which plan is ideal for you; after all, there are literally hundreds of options available, and everyone’s demands differ. To assist with this, we’ve taken a practical approach in our evaluation of each of these cheap cell phone plans, taking into account not only costs but also factors like data cap, and features.


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