Top 10 Cheapest Rims In Canada (2022)

Increasing the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle with aftermarket components helps it stand out from the crowd while also providing numerous benefits in terms of ride quality. These modifications can range from a simple decal set to a full-fledged body kit. The most versatile option, however, is to replace those factory rims with a cool set of aftermarket rims. 

As opposed to hardcore body kits, there are relatively easy swaps, and the plethora of designs can help you relieve one closer to your imagination. We help you choose one by providing information on the different types of car rims and the cheapest ones to buy in Canada.

Types of Car Rims

Alloy Rims 

Alloy wheels are the most common and popular type of wheel on the market. They are more expensive than forged steel wheels, but they will save the car owner money in the long run. Since they are lighter, they improve the fuel economy of the vehicle. Alloys are also more prone to cracking and bending over their lifespan but it’s a good tradeoff for the increased fuel mileage.

Cast and Forged Rims

Forging and Casting is the process used in making these rims. Metal casting is an ancient technique that has been used for centuries. It involves melting metal and pouring it into a mold. The metal will take the shape of the mold as it cools. The process is quick, which saves money for both the maker and the customer.

Forged wheels, on the other hand, are more expensive and take longer to produce because they are milled out of a solid block of billet aluminum one at a time.

Split Rim

Split rim wheels are popular on car roads right now, and they’re easy to spot—they’re one of the most distinct types of car rims. They have a series of small bolts spaced about an inch apart that line the rim. Because split rims are made of two or three parts, the bolts hold the layers of the rim together.

Top 10 Cheapest Rims In Canada

1. Ultraleggera OZ Racing

The ultra-lightweight racing wheel was designed specifically for racing. Aluminum cast wheels provide increased performance and accuracy while remaining lightweight. The car wheels are available in three variations: HyperGT HLT, Ultraleggera HLT, and Ultraleggera HLT CL, with the first being the toughest and designed specifically for GT3 racing.

The 10-spoke concave rims are available in sizes ranging from 17 to 20 inches. Apart from their sturdy appearance, concave wheels are most preferred for racing due to their high strength and low cost of repair, despite their high initial cost.

OZ Racing, an Italian company, has over 30 years of experience in the design and development of car wheels to withstand the high dynamic loads encountered during racing, while also providing good traction.

2. Torq Thrust by American Racing

American Racing Torq thrust is a 5-spoke alloy wheel made of aluminum to reduce weight and thus improve wheel performance during drag races. The wheels, which were originally designed for drag races in the 1950s, are vintage, classic, and a favorite among many race enthusiasts.

The wheels’ tapered parabolic contour improves brake cooling while reducing wheel mass. The wheel sizes range from 14 to 20 inches. When its inventor, Romeo Palamides, used them for the first time in the 1950s, they quickly became popular in drag racing and jet racing. Torq Thrust wheels first appeared in the November issue of Hot Rod Magazine, which was popular at the time. You’d better start drag racing soon. Flying electric car racing may become a reality.


Enkei, a Japanese corporation founded in 1950, uses an advanced manufacturing process to cast aluminum alloy wheels that can withstand the stresses and pressures of racing. To ensure sophisticated racing in Formula One, Super GT Series, and other series, the RP03 wheel variant is manufactured by combining MAT (Most Advanced Production) and flow-forming forging technology. The 5-spoke synthetic-coated wheels have a lifetime structural warranty in all weather conditions.


The multi-spoke wheel combines technological marvel with legendary RS design. This wheel was created using high-tech processes that did not require any cutting of the aluminum stock. Rather, the aluminum is forged in order to retain the high grain density matrix, which provides high strength and durability while racing. FEM is used in the design process to simulate stress and behavior patterns during real-world operations.

BBS was founded in Germany and has steadily expanded from manufacturing 3-piece auto parts to alloy wheels for Formula One racing. In 1995, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary by commemorating Michael Schumacher’s Formula One championship, which he won while using BBS wheels. Every year since 1995, BBS has been voted “Best Brand” by “Sports Auto” of Germany.

5. GTV01 SSR

SSR GTV 01 is a Japanese light-alloy wheel designed to withstand impact and provide high endurance strength. The wheel is made from a single aluminum block, which is then forged into a 5-spoke alloy wheel. Wheels in two colors, Glare Silver and Flat Black, costing more than $1000, fit the bill for both the Merc and the Miata.

SSR wheels are subjected to stringent JWL quality procedures, ensuring the highest quality standards. SSR produces wheels for both commercial and racing applications. For racing, however, more precise manufacturing techniques are used. These wheels are available from the following sellers.


6. Konig

Konig, which has a license from Enkei, also uses the MAT (Most Advanced Production) method to manufacture its wheels. The 12-spoke light-alloy wheel construction is flawlessly designed while maintaining its aesthetic appearance. The 15-inch, 17-inch, and 18-inch wheels are available in Matte Grey, Metallic Carbon with Machined Lip, and Race Bronze finishes.

7. Forgiving

Of course, the most expensive and exquisitely designed car wheels make the list. Its one-of-a-kind mono forging process propels the alloy wheels to revolutionary levels of performance. Flow-forging technology is also used on the wheels, which have distinct concave profiles. The wheels, which come in 5-spoke and multi-spoke profiles and are priced over $1100 and up to $7000, are available in 18-inch and up to 34-inch sizes and three different colors.

8. Volk Racing TE 

Volk Racing wheels will leave you speechless with their exquisite quality and timeless designs. The classic 6-spoke forged monoblock wheel designed for the Super GT series, Formula One racing, and other high-performance applications is one of the most expensive car wheels on the market. Available in a variety of colors and sizes ranging from 13 to 19 inches. The lightweight alloy wheel will undoubtedly add agility to the racing track.

9. Forgeline Motorsport

Forgeline created customizable three-piece wheels made of forged aluminum. The concave shape of the wheel is retained, and it merges with the flat at the outer rim. The wheel has a beastly performance while remaining beautiful. The 8-spoke wheel design features an I-Beam cross-section for spokes, and the rim is heat-treated to withstand harsh racing conditions. Pricing begins at more than $1450.

10. Carbon Revolution

Carbon Revolution CR9, also dubbed the “future of wheel technology,” has brought the world’s most advanced wheels to market. The carbon wheels are made of carbon fiber, which is ultra-lightweight while retaining structural integrity and toughness for optimal performance. The wheel, which is truly a game-changer in racing technology, comes at a high price. The wheels are expected to be shopped at a premium price of more than $15800.


A stylish car is best complemented by exceptional car wheels. If you want to attract public attention, you must find the best wheels for burning rubber. Classic wheels such as Volk Racing TE37 Ultra, O.Z. Ultraleggera Hot, and VMR V71 series are excellent starting points if you want to go on a budget.


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