Top 10 Cheapest Shipping From Canada To UK (2024)

When it comes to shipping goods and belongings, there are numerous options available, whether for individuals or businesses. Depending on the materials being shipped, shipping is governed by rules and regulations. Individuals and businesses must weigh their options and consider the costs involved in order to determine which types of shipping are best for them.

Companies like DHL, FedEx, and UPS have been in the game for long, thanks to their low-cost shipping fee and reliability. However, they aren’t the only affordable shipping options available in Canada, as we have several shipping companies which offer affordable shipping rates from Canada to the United Kingdom.

Top 10 Cheapest Shipping From Canada To UK

1. Canadian DHL Logistics Company

DHL is a logistics service provider in Canada that has been in operation for more than 30 years. DHL also provides packaging, bundling, labeling, and temperature-controlled facilities.

For end-to-end visibility, their logistics operations are supported by a well-configured tracking system. They provide international shipping services to over 220 countries and have an extensive customs clearance system.

2. UPS Canada Logistics Service

UPS Canada is another well-known logistics company, with 62 facilities and 12000 employees spread across the country, and they offer international shipments to over 220 countries. To manage in-bound and out-bound services for large enterprises, they created a comprehensive tracking system supported by the Quantum View app.

UPS Canada also has a team of highly trained professionals who partner with international vendors to provide innovative customer-first solutions.

3. FedEx Logistics Services

FedEx Canada is one of the most well-known logistics service providers in Canada and around the world. FedEx provides a variety of package solutions, including flexible, user-friendly, self-sealing packages.

They optimize pick-up and delivery services by rescheduling and redirecting. FedEx also provide specialized packaging for goods such as lithium batteries as well as expertise in shipping dangerous items such as firecrackers, toxic gas, and so on while adhering to international safety standards.

4. Yusen Logistics Canada

Yusen Logistics is a dependable company with modern infrastructure and secure facilities, as well as 150,000 square meters of warehouse space. Yusen Logistics offers highly specialized packaging at competitive prices, as well as temperature-controlled facilities for safe operations. They strictly adhere to quality standards while also providing adequate packaging and custom labeling solutions.

Quality checks at in-bound and out-bound points throughout the supply chain ensure the security of their supply chain.

5. XPO Logistics Company

XPO Logistics Canada is a dependable logistics service provider in Canada with a global network of 756 service locations and 42,000 employees. In the logistics industry, XPO Logistics Canada has one of the largest networks of drivers, trucks, and terminals. With innovative solutions, they provide end-to-end digital visibility for their shippers. For pick-up and delivery services, XPO Canada provides seamless shipper-carrier interaction, full automation, and dynamic rerouting.

6. Aramex Logistics Canada

Aramex is another well-known supply chain service provider among Canadian Logistics companies. Aramex Canada’s extensive 3PL network ensures that it is well-positioned to meet any supply chain challenge. With flexible pick-up, delivery services, returns management, and customer care, their premium operations position them as industry leaders.

7. CanadaPost Courier Service

CanadaPost is a postal service with a long history and a solid foundation in the Canadian logistics industry. To successfully execute operations, the company relies on its experience and cutting-edge technology. CanadaPost offers real-time order tracking and complete visibility of your shipments. They provide international shipping as well as a dependable customs clearance system.

8. DTDC Logistics Company

DTDC Canada has been a part of the Canadian logistics industry for over 25 years and operates from over 10,000 locations across the country. They also offer international shipping to over 240 countries. DTDC Canada offers customized warehouse fulfillment and shipping solutions at competitive prices.

While automation reduces unnecessary operational costs, their warehouses are outfitted with 24/7 security management and temperature-controlled facilities to ensure product safety. They provide customized solutions for pick-up and delivery, as well as custom packaging options.

DTDC is a go-to service provider for cross-border shipments due to its wide range of international services, including competitive rates and comprehensive customs clearance procedures.

9. DB Schenker Logistics Company

DB Schenker Canada is well-known among Canadian logistics companies, having been in operation for more than 50 years. Their organization employs over 90,000 people in over 2000 locations worldwide.

ESchenker is their dedicated portal for order tracking, data analytics, and shipment management. ESchenker empowers the customer by providing 24/7 support and proactive solutions through a single portal to manage your international shipping needs.

10. Purolator Inc 

Purolator Inc. has over 50 years of experience in the logistics industry, providing comprehensive supply chain solutions. You can manage all of your shipments with the Purolator express application, which includes a comprehensive order tracking system.

They also provide specialized packaging for unique commodities and hazardous materials, as well as expert teams and solutions.

They also offer next-day delivery, as well as efficient returns with reverse logistics and a well-calibrated system for international shipments.

Types of Shipping Methods offered by these companies

Whether you’re relocating to a new neighborhood in another town or moving your entire family abroad, you’re a reseller running a small business on, or you’re buying a used grand piano from a seller in another state, there are several shipping options available, the most common of which are:

  • Parcel shipping (Small Package Shipping)
  • International shipping  
  • Truck/trailer service
  • Boat transport / Sea shipping 
  • Haulage 
  • Pallet shipping 
  • Fragile goods transport 
  • Full Truckload or FTL shipping 
  • Less than Truckload or LTL shipping 
  • Expedited Freight



Today’s supply chain practices demand dependable, competitive, and expedited operations. As a result, logistics service providers in Canada are constantly investing in and adopting cutting-edge technology. This has significantly improved transportation, order processing, warehousing, customer support, resource management, last-mile delivery, and other logistics operations, allowing e-commerce to provide cutting-edge services.