Top 8 Cheapest Shipping From Canada To US (2024)

Thousands of businesses and individuals often ship items from Canada to the US and one of the most commonly asked questions is how much it would cost to get the goods delivered. In this post, you’ll get to know the cheapest shipping options available for shipping from Canada to the United States including the types of products you can’t ship.

8 Cheapest Shipping From Canada To US


The United States Postal Service, as the name implies, is a government body in charge of enabling postal services in the United States.

USPS provides a Click N Ship service, which is a software created specifically for businesses. You can use it to print mailing labels, request parcel pickup, print custom forms, and even buy stamps.

It also has a flat-rate price structure. It has a delivery duration of 1 to 3 business days and comes with up to $50 in insurance. You don’t have to leave your office to ship all of the products because it offers free pick-up.

2. UPS

UPS is the world’s largest shipping corporation and it provides a lot of delivery options, including air delivery, land delivery, and worldwide shipping. With its paid pick-up services, the company simplifies the shipping process, allowing you to send items on a daily or weekly basis. It also has various drop-off locations, allowing you to give over your parcels at any moment.

You can use the UPS My Choice page to navigate through any of its offers. You can also manage shipments, make delivery adjustments, track items, and be notified of delivery dates from this page. You can also add extra users if you need to let the receiver stay updated during the whole shipping process.

3. FedEx

FedEx, or Federal Express, is a shipping firm founded in Tennessee. It was founded in 1971 and has a yearly revenue of more than $65 billion. FedEx provides a plethora of low-cost delivery options. Customers can enjoy everyday shipping to most places, as well as free shipment on Saturday (and select Sundays).

Clients can also enjoy convenient parcel pick-up choices at FedEx offices, Walgreens, and Dollar General stores, which is especially useful if they are concerned about parcel looting. Since most of these establishments are open 24 hours a day, your receiver can conveniently pick up their packages.

4. DHL

DHL is one of the top courier services that deliver all around the world with ease. It has over 29,000 vans the has delivered over 450 million items globally. It also boasts of over 2.6 million customers and is still growing, thanks to its 34,000 shipping locations across the world.

If you need a reliable courier service to help you deliver goods from Canada to United States and other parts of the world, DHL is a good option to go for.

5. Ontrac

Ontrac is a regional transport company founded in 1991, and it provides several shipping services, including Ontrac Sunrise, Ontrac Ground DirectPost, and Ontrac EPacket.

OnTrac International’s commercial USPS ePacket shipping solution enables businesses to efficiently transport lightweight, low-value items overseas for less. The USPS delivers commercial letter-post packages in 4-9 days, with door-to-door monitoring and delivery confirmation.

6. Pitt Ohio

Pitt Ohio is a supply chain solution provider with locations around the United States. Pitt Ohio also delivers across border to all of Canada – thanks to their strong alliances with Polaris Transportation Group and Rosenau Transport.

Before your shipment is picked up in Canada, Pitt Ohio employs a proactive strategy to pre-clear your transborder freight, and also help with Canada customs paperwork issues on the front end that may result in your shipment being delayed or placed in a bonded warehouse.

With a fulfillment rate of 99.98 percent, you can be confident that your Pitt Ohio deliveries will arrive on time. 

7. Dicom

Dicom is a logistics company that began as a single car and driver courier in 1968. Since then, it has expanded to include deliveries in the Northeastern United States and parts of Canada. Despite transporting over 80,000 shipments every day, it can deliver parcels within 24 hours of shipment 95 percent of the time. Dicom’s provides a number of delivery options for businesses. One example is the MaxPak, a prepaid envelope that allows you to significantly reduce shipping costs. It’s an excellent choice for sectors that sell little, lightweight goods because it can carry up to 10 pounds.

Dicom provides a DexPAK for larger packages. It may fit significantly larger things because it measures 13.8 by 17 inches. While the majority of Dicom’s deliveries are made by ground, the company also offers air deliveries. Deliveries can be done within 24 hours using this service.

8. LaserShip

LaserShip provides a package for residential e-commerce. It is appropriate for a wide range of businesses, including retail, fashion, cosmetics, office supplies, and even healthcare products. This gives vendors the option of choosing between same-day, next-day, or two-day delivery. LaserShip also offers a bespoke routed courier service, which includes dedicated route delivery and fleet replacement. It can conduct scheduled or on-demand same-day delivery, as well as local market next-day shipments.

While LaserShip is primarily a regional service provider, it also provides global delivery to the aviation, entertainment, robotics, and healthcare industries.


Things You Can’t Ship From Canada To US

Furthermore, before shipping any item, you should be aware of the banned items that cannot be delivered outside of Canada. We’ve included some of these items below to help you through the process.

  • Corrosive, explosive, flammable, compressed/pressurized objects, and any type of chemical solution
  • Any sort of alcohol, flammable liquid, paint, or alcohol item
  • Prescription medications or illegal drug substances of any kind
  • Animals or plants, whether alive or dead
  • Firearms or firearm parts, rifle scopes, red dot sights, ammo, or any other items restricted by ITAR, the Department of Commerce, US Custom Border Protection, or the US Department of Treasury.



Shipping from Canada to the United States may be pretty simple if you have the appropriate knowledge. On that note, we highlighted some of the cheapest ways to send something from Canada to the United States and also the types of products to avoid so you won’t end up wasting your money shipping them.