Top 10 Cheapest Shipping Within Canada (2024)

The importance of courier services has grown dramatically over the years. With thousands of items being delivered across the country every day, these services have proven useful in saving individuals money, time, and energy. 

With a plethora of delivery agencies and courier services now available in Canada, this article takes a look at 10 of the cheapest shipping service in Canada. 

10 Cheapest Shipping within Canada

1. Canada Post

Canada Post is one of the leading courier service delivery in Canada. It offers a wide range of shipping options to over 190 countries across the world. It assists also e-commerce enterprises in easing the process of setting up a business and managing shipping through interfaces with prominent e-commerce platforms like Shopify and payment partners like PayPal.

2. UPS

UPS is a global courier service provider with extensive operations in Canada and many other countries around the world. UPS is well-known throughout the world for its capacity to deliver rare and high-value goods. It can transport orders weighing up to 150 pounds safely while also giving tracking information to all of its clients and ships via several mail classes.

3. FedEx

FedEx is the world’s most popular courier service provider. It has extensive operations in Canada and over 220 countries across the world. FedEx is the best option for carrying hazardous products such as batteries and other volatile goods. It also specializes in temperature-controlled transportation and the shipping of large and bulky commodities.

FedEx also collaborates with Canada Post, and the relationship provides postal users with the chance and ability to expand in the more than 220 countries and territories served by our network. FedEx Appointment Home Delivery also delivers your package right to your home.

4. Purolator

Purolator is a Canadian courier service with extensive operations in the United States and several other countries. You can deliver anything within Canada and abroad by using Purolator Express and Ground. It also provides flexible delivery hours, guaranteed next-day delivery, and weekend pickup and delivery.

5. Canpar

Canpar is a global provider of end-to-end shipping solutions for e-commerce firms in Canada and 219 countries. It enables online shoppers to schedule pickups, manage orders, and track shipments. This courier service provider also provides delivery exception data to sellers. It also displays the lower shipping prices that carriers offer to e-commerce enterprises.

6. DHL 

DHL is another prominent courier service provider with a large network in Canada. DHL has a huge network of fulfillment centers and warehouses all around the world that it uses to expedite order delivery. DHL delivers to over 220 countries worldwide. For international delivery, it provides air, road, and water freight services. It also offers extra services such as packaging, label printing, kitting, and so on.

7. Blue Dart

Blue Dart is a global courier service provider with a strong presence in Canada and nearby countries. It is utilized for personal deliverables such as documents, mail, as well as bulk shipping corporations. Its shipping capabilities include door-to-door delivery, freight forwarding, packing, and other services. Furthermore, blue Dart provides tracking information to vendors and buyers directly on their website.

8. TFI International 

TFI International is a Canadian courier service provider with main offices in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. TFI International is well-known throughout North America for its LTL (less than truckload), courier delivery, and logistics services. It is well-known in Canada for its quick and low-cost delivery. It also provides e-commerce clients with real-time tracking services.


The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the country’s official postal delivery service. It distributes to 190 nations globally, including Canada. For smaller deliveries, USPS is the best option because It is cheap and can deliver orders to P.O. boxes close to your home. USPS is one of the few carriers that offer shipping on holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

10. DTDC

DTDC is an international courier delivery firm based in Canada that offers a wide range of delivery services. DTDC specializes in bulk shipment delivery on time. It delivers to over 220 countries globally and can transport high-value and dangerous commodities safely. DTDC offers Priority and Express shipping options for expedited delivery of purchases.

Types of Courier Service Based On Delivery Location

Local Courier Services

Local courier services transport packages within a city. Locally based businesses uses this option to contract with local delivery providers to transport their products within a region. In fact, despite having offices in various cities or even countries, some well-known local businesses do not send items across borders or from one country to another. Instead, they operate on a local level in many locations, and they typically ship things inside the local market.

International Courier Services


This type of courier service provider works on a much wider scale. These companies frequently compete with postal services and deliver worldwide. International courier firms tend to provide better service than postal companies and at a higher level of service.

Types of Courier Service Based on Delivery Method

Same Day Courier Service

Same-day courier services deliver packages that same day. They are required to pick up packages before noon and deliver them by the afternoon. Next Day Delivery is a service provided by several Same Day delivery providers. It is based on packages being delivered the following day if they are received in the afternoon.

Overnight Delivery

This involves delivery the products at night. This method has various benefits, including keeping the products safe in the truck (courier) because it is not stalled in traffic, reducing heat damage, and ensuring faster and more predictable delivery.

On-Demand Service

For this type of delivery, the courier firm responds to the customer’s request by assigning them a dedicated courier using the On-Demand Delivery Service. The courier goes directly to the customer’s location and simply transports and delivers the box, without branching or going elsewhere.



There are numerous courier services available nowadays, each with a different fee. Before deciding on one, it is important to evaluate the pricing and also consider how much you can afford to pay for shipping without breaking your budget.