Top 10 Cheapest SIM Cards In Canada (2024)

Although most malls, bars, restaurants, and hotels in Canada offer free Wi-Fi, it’s better you have a working SIM card. Having a SIM of your own simply saves you time and makes your daily life easier. Finding a SIM card, on the other hand, is a piece of cake. Local SIM cards and top-ups are available at official telecommunications stores as well as convenience and electronics stores. 

Anyone living in Canada or visiting as a tourist is free to use a SIM card from a local carrier. When purchasing a SIM card in Canada as a tourist, you are not required to register with your passport information. However, it is still preferable to purchase it from an official or partner store. You must use a debit or credit card issued in Canada to make an online purchase. 

Why buy a SIM card in Canada?

Despite the fact that most places in Canada offer free WiFi, it’s better to buy a SIM card in Canada. Having a working data connection can save you a lot of time and make traveling more convenient. Staying connected while driving on long straight boring roads in Canada keeps you entertained, but what about getting directions from Google Maps, finding a nearby restaurant, or ordering an Uber to get back to your hotel? There are numerous reasons why you should purchase a sim card for your trip to Canada.

Top 10 Cheapest SIM Cards In Canada

1. Rogers

Rogers is Canada’s largest network provider. Some plans available include 100MB of data for $10, 250MB for $20, 500MB for $30, and 1GB for $40 (CAD). These plans also include unlimited calls and SMS text messages to national numbers. Rogers has extensive coverage and is in the process of transitioning from 2G to 3G/4G across the country. It’s also a dependable SIM card for tourists in Canada.

2. The bell

Bell is Canada’s third-largest network provider. It is the only provider that offers SIM cards that can be used in phones as well as modems and tablets. Plans can be purchased both online and in person. Prepaid plans start at $30 per month for 250MB and 150 local minutes, $45 for 500MB and 500 minutes, and $60 for 1GB and unlimited minutes.

3. Telesis

Telus is Canada’s second largest network provider. It has phased out 2G in favor of 3G/4G. Koodo and Public Mobile are two of its sub-brands. If you take your phone with you when buying a new SIM, you’ll get 3 GB of data and unlimited nationwide calling and texting for $80 per month. If you only need to talk and text, there are more affordable plans available, such as a $10 per month plan that includes 50 minutes of talk time and 50 SMS. Alternatively, for $15 per month, you can get 100 minutes and 100 SMS.

4. Freedom Mobile

For data SIM cards in Canada, Freedom Mobile is the best choice to go for. Sadly, it is one of the country’s smaller carriers with limited coverage. Freedom Mobile is perfectly good for use in major cities, but if you intend to travel to more remote locations, you will be better off with one of the other providers. Having said that, Freedom Mobile has competitive pricing. Check to see if your phone is compatible first. Plans include the Home 250MB package, which costs $15 per month and includes 100 minutes of talk time and unlimited texting. You can upgrade to 1GB of data and call at $0.05 per minute for $25 per month.

5. Fido

Fido offers plans starting at $35 per month if you bring your own phone and only want a SIM card. The $35 pack includes 500 national minutes, unlimited text, and pay-per-use data. There is also a $50 per month option that includes 3GB of data, 500 national minutes, and unlimited texting. For those who require even more data, the $60 per month option includes 5GB, 500 national minutes, and unlimited text.

6. Chatr

Chatr provides more data plans at a lower cost than some of the aforementioned providers. For $50 per month, plans include 6GB of data and unlimited talk and text in Canada and the United States. Current promotions include 5GB for $45 and 4GB for $40 per month, both with unlimited talk and text in Canada and the United States. The most affordable options include 50 Canada minutes and texts for $10 per month, a local calling plan for $20 per month, and unlimited local calls.

7. Koodo

Koodo, one of Canada’s cheapest SIM cards, is powered by the country’s largest 4G LTE provider. For $30 (CAD) per month, you can get 500MB of data, no minutes, but unlimited incoming messaging, or pay-per-use data, 500 minutes, and unlimited messaging. If you pay $45 per month, you’ll get the same deal with unlimited minutes. The $50 per month data pack with 3 GB, 500 minutes, and unlimited messaging is the most affordable option.

8. Lucky Mobile

Lucky Mobile provides plans based on zones within Canada  For $20 (CAD) per month, you can get unlimited local zone calls as a starting point. The next level includes unlimited Canada-wide calls and texts, as well as 2GB of data, for $40 (CAD) per month. You can get the same deal with 5.5GB of data for just $5 more.

9. 7-Eleven

While 7-Eleven is best known as a convenience store, it also offers SpeakOut prepaid cell phone plans in Canada. Voicemail, caller ID, free incoming text messages, and 365-day expiration on all top-ups are included. After adding credit to your SIM, you will be charged the following rates: $0.30 per minute local talk rate, $0.45 per minute U.S. long distance talk rate, and $3.50 call rate charges. If you only need to talk and text, this is a good and inexpensive option.

10. Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile divides its plans into 500 minutes of talk time or unlimited talk time. With 500 minutes, you can choose between pay-per-use data for $35 per month, 3GB for $50, or 5GB for $60 per month. Unlimited talk rates are slightly higher, at $45 for pay-per-use data, $55 for 3GB, and $65 for 5GB per month.

How to Buy a SIM Card in Canada?

Go to a Superstore (Canadian supermarket chain) or an affiliate location. You’ll almost certainly need to activate the SIM card yourself, which takes 5-10 minutes over the phone. Online activation is only available for phones purchased from them.

You may be required to show your ID/passport to obtain a SIM card in Canada, and you will need an unlocked phone or to purchase one from the provider. If your phone is currently locked, you may be able to unlock it in a regular mobile store if you don’t mind losing your warranty.

A Canadian eSIM is also worth considering if your device supports it. You’ll get reasonable data rates (certainly by Canadian standards) without having to search for, purchase, or swap physical SIM cards.



Canada provides numerous opportunities for tourists to enjoy and have a wonderful time wherever and whenever they choose to visit. Canada is the largest country in North America, with beautiful mountains, incredible forests, and some of the continent’s most breathtaking landscapes.

Even if you are only a few hours away from home, you will want to stay in touch with your loved ones. That is just one of the many reasons why you should purchase a Canadian SIM card or an international SIM card.

Although there are many WiFi areas where you can get free Internet access, most Canadian telecommunication companies offer various benefits on their Prepaid SIM Cards over local post-paid plans.