Top 8 Cheapest Ways To Send Flowers From Canada To The UK (2024)

For years, the popular way to communicate “I love you” is by gifting flowers. If you have a loved one who lives in the United Kingdom and the person loves flowers, distance shouldn’t be the barrier to sending them one to express your affection.

So with this article, we will be revealing the best and cheapest ways to send flowers from Canada to someone you care about in the United Kingdom. 

Top 8 Cheapest Ways To Send Flowers From Canada To The UK

1. Lapier’s Flowers and Gifts

Price starts at $11

LaPier’s Flowers and Presents is a shop that offers gifts that improve relationships and designs that mark significant milestones such as anniversaries and in-between times. They are a family-owned business with over 27 years of experience in the field, so clients can rest assured that they know what they’re doing.

2. Bloomex

Price starts at $19

Bloomex started up as a small downtown flower business, serving the community with fresh and beautiful flower arrangements. Years later, they eventually established themselves as one of Canada’s most dependable and credible florists. Bloomex also offers these magnificent floral designs at extremely low costs, as they strive to achieve the company’s mission of providing high-quality presents at much-reduced prices to Canadian customers.

Bloomex uses seasonal flowers in their arrangements to ensure that the flowers are fresh and available.

3. Lufu Events

Price starts at $30

Lufu Events is a wedding and event services company situated in Toronto that provides event flowers (both fresh and silk), event and wedding decor services. They collaborate closely with clients to select the appropriate wedding flowers, chair covers, centerpieces, and backgrounds for weddings.

4. Jean’s Flower Shop

Price starts at $34

Jean’s Flower Shop has a trendy and sophisticated product portfolio. Their floral arrangement is ideal for weddings and bridal showers. Even for the romantic gentleman, this is the ideal gift to show your love for that lady you’ve given your heart to. The flower in their bouquet is just right for giving your girl the jitters and making her smile.

Whatever occasion you’re commemorating, Jean’s Flower shop got you covered. They’ll also see to it that all of your floral wishes are fulfilled will 24-hour guidance throughout the entire process, from inception to implementation.

5. Brant Florist

Price starts at $39

Flowers and emotions, according to Brant Florist, have a link that no words could convey. People certainly use flowers as a medium to express their feelings or emotions toward someone or something, and Brant Florist wants to be a part of that journey. With this in mind, they help their customers speak without having to say anything; simply by using their floral arrangements.

The shop’s inventory includes flowers of all styles, sizes, arrangements, and colors. Everyone who sees the shop’s collection will be blown away and will ask to have one grown for them.

6. Nature’s Wonders Florist

Price starts at $44

Nature’s Wonders Florist is a local flower business dedicated to producing high-quality flower items and providing exceptional delivery services throughout the city. Traditional, modern, contemporary, classic, and silk arrangements are among the styles and arrangements that the company specializes in. Customer happiness is always their primary goal, which is why they provide the best when it comes to flower services.

Since the shop’s inception, their top goal has always been on the welfare and contentment of its consumers, resulting in an amazing record across Canada. 

7. Canada Flowers

 Price starts at $45

Canada Flowers has provided flower arrangement and delivery services not only across Canada but also internationally. Having a large number of orders daily accounts for their large inventory of flower arrangements, to ensure an unhindered supply of fresh flowers on hand. Whatever arrangement you require, whether for a little gathering or a large gathering, sending outside of Canada or within, Canada Flowers is guaranteed to have it and to be able to deliver at all times.

8. Da Vinci Floral Shop

Price starts at $50

Da Vinci Floral Shop is a flower shop with a big collection of flowers. If you look at their flower selection, you’ll be amazed at how they were able to handle such high quality and quantity while still delivering flawlessly. Fresh flowers are delivered to the shop every day and transformed into a collection of exquisite bouquets that vary in color, size, and style. Da Vinci Flower Shop creates outstanding wedding floral arrangements in order to give every couple something to remember them by. No wedding is out of the norm for them as long as the flowers are in place.

If you consider sending the flowers yourself, below are some of the best shipping services to use.


DHL is a leading worldwide transportation corporation that manages to strike a precise balance between speed and cost. It is considered as one of the greatest international shipping firms, with a vast logistical network that allows your cargo to be delivered overnight to hundreds of countries around the world.


FedEx is one of the world’s largest and most competitive shipping firms. If you need to ship between the United States and another country, this could be your best option.

DB Schenker

With headquarters in Germany and over 2000 locations worldwide, DB Schenker is one of the world’s largest international enterprises. This international courier provides land, air, ocean freight, and parcel delivery services, and is a great choice for all of your European shipping needs as well as worldwide freight shipping.


UPS is not a company that should be overlooked. This international courier, in addition to having a household name in the United States for its great domestic services, has a massive logistic network in over 220 nations and territories across the world, and is adaptable enough to handle practically any type of shipping need.



Over the years, sending flowers to a loved one has been one of the best ways to show affection and would remain relevant in the years to come. So, don’t let distance be a barrier to sending your loved one flowers.

Are you ready to wow your loved one with the perfect flower delivery? Then you should use one of the services mentioned above.