Top 10 Chemical Companies in Canada (2024)

Chemical making is an important economic activity. Due to the steady demand for industrial chemicals for agricultural, medical, engineering, and other uses, chemical companies in Canada continue to be some of the top employers, not only in Canada but in many other countries around the developed world. If you are looking for a job, or a dependable career where you can grow and fulfill your potentials, then you should consider some of the chemical companies in Canada.

The top chemical companies in Canada have been selected based on their earnings, the number of employees, and the general trajectory of the business. We want to bring to you viable companies that have long term potential to offer you good careers, with financial stability.

The following are the top Canadian chemical companies.

Top 10 Chemical Companies in Canada

1. Dow

Dow is not just a chemical company; it is a company that is actively involved in the research and development of new chemicals that can solve existing challenges in the world today. The company believes that connecting chemistry and innovation can create new ways to solve and exceed customer expectations. 

This company prioritizes the worth of its people, because without the input of its dedicated workforce; from the researchers in the laboratory to the cleaner in the factory, the company would not be the success that it is today. The company believes in the power of difference, innovation, responsibility and diversity.

2. Air Liquide

Air Liquide has over 10,000 people in its workforce. This is a world leader in gases, technologies and services for Industry and Health. This is not just one of the top chemical companies in Canada; The company aims to be the world leader in its industry. One major product of this company is the production of oxygen for medical use in intensive care units of hospitals across the world.

The company aims to create value over the long term and is effectively run by a management that anticipates the challenges of its industry. People are key to the development of this business- the company takes care of its people.

3. Ecolab

Ecolab has over 10,000 employees. The company is a major name in water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions and services. If you want to work in a company that makes a positive impact in the world, you should probably start here where you can join hands with a company that delivers comprehensive solutions to advance food safety, maintain clean and safe environments, optimize water and energy use, and provide data that can bring about positive change. With annual sales of $12 billion and more than 44,000 associates, Ecolab is a company on an upward trajectory.

4. NOVA Chemicals

NOVA Chemicals designs and manufactures chemicals and plastic products that make life easier and safer. Plastic products remain an integral part of life both domestically, and industrially, and so the prospects are high for this company. The company’s employees work to ensure health, safety, security and a better environment for all. The company is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but is now owned by Mubadala Investment Company, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

5. Lubrizol

Lubrizol is the world’s biggest maker of additives for lubricants and fuels. The company’s Additives segment produces engine oil additives that fight sludge, viscosity breakdown, and component wears through friction. It also makes fuel additives designed to prevent the build-up of deposits and improve fuel combustion. The company also makes additives for paints, inks, greases, metalworking, and other markets. 

6. Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi means “three diamonds.” This is one of the biggest companies coming out of Japan. What most people don’t know is that Mitsubishi is a mega-conglomerate operating through six main business groups: living essentials (agricultural products, food, beverages, textiles); metals; machinery (vehicles, power generation equipment, electrical appliances); energy (crude oil, natural gas,); and chemicals (petrochemicals, fertilizers, plastics). The company is also active in finance, construction, and logistics. 


BASF is an industrial giant! This company has a large and diversified portfolio which would take up much time and space to cover, but here are some of their businesses: much of BASF is about reducing emissions, waste and resource consumption. The company also produces footwear and laminate flooring for homes and offices.

This company also produces raw materials used in construction, glue, adhesives, printing and packaging. They are also active in engine coolants, brake fluids and even electronic devices used in communication and navigation. BASF is working on something big for the future: next-generation batteries to help the world go electric. They are also involved in producing food additives. This is one company too many!

8. Eastman

Eastman is a Canadian company headquartered in Kingsport, Tennessee. The company has about 14,500 employees and 50 manufacturing sites located in 16 countries. The company is an independent global specialty materials company that produces a wide range of materials, chemicals, and fibres for everyday uses. The company boasts of a performance-driven culture, wherein excellence is rewarded with incentives, as a way to attract, retain, reward, and engage world-class employees. 

9. Chemtrade

Chemtrade is one of the world’s biggest sulphur companies. It is one of the largest suppliers of sulphuric acid, liquid sulphur dioxide (SO2) and sodium hydrosulphite (SHS). This is also a leading processor of spent acid. Chemtrade is also a leading regional supplier of sulphur and sodium chlorate. Sulphur has a lot of applications both industrially, and in the health industry. Chemtrade is one of the world’s largest handlers of Sulphur so there is a lot of potential in this company. The company is also a major producer of water treatment chemicals.

10. Superior Plus

Superior Plus is a chemical energy company. This bold company produces and distributes propane gas, and provides related services and products to clients across Canada. The company has some 170 locations. Superior Plus also supplies natural gas to Canadian residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Apart from that the company produces and distributes chemicals such as potassium and chloralkali (chlorine and an alkaline salt) in the whole of the North American region. 



The top Chemical Companies in Canada are diverse and well distributed. These companies produce items from Sulphur which is used to make body creams, to oxygen which is used to save lives in intensive care units of hospitals. Some others produce water treatment chemicals, and others make components used in making electronic devices. Most of these companies are not just big; they are also on an upward trajectory, making sure that you do not regret your career choice.