Top 10 Happiest Cities In Canada (2024)

Although happiness cannot be quantified, scientists still try to have their way around using some metrics to measure happiness and this includes; the kind of professional people do, their salary, and even the type of City they live in.

Researchers from the Vancouver School of Economics examined data on life satisfaction in more than 1,200 urban and rural locations across Canada just to create a list of the happiest cities in the country. According to the findings, those who live in cities have much lower life satisfaction than those who live in rural areas.

According to them, indicators such as average earnings and unemployment rates, are similar in the happiest and unhappiest neighborhoods. On average, happy communities have shorter travel times and fewer residents who spend more than 30% of their income on housing. Despite having higher levels of wealth, jobs, and education, city dwellers have much lower life satisfaction than rural dwellers.

Rural residents on the other hand enjoy a stronger feeling of community, lower housing prices that consume a smaller percentage of their income, shorter commuting times, and have lived at the same address for longer.

On this note, they concluded the 25 happiest cities in Canada, however, we only highlight the top 10 in this article.

Top 10 Happiest Cities In Canada

1. Lake Louise

Lake Louise is a village in Banff National Park, famous for its blue glacier-fed lake surrounded by high mountains. Hiking trails go up to the Lake Agnes Tea House, where you may get a birds-eye viewpoint of the lake. In the summer, there’s a canoe dock, and in the winter, there’s a skating rink on the frozen lake. A wildlife interpretive center is located at the top of a gondola at the Lake Louise Ski Resort.

There is a lot to do in the Lake Louise that people who prefer to stay indoors will find fun things to do, such as watching the snowfall from the iconic Fairmont Banff Springs or enjoying the delicious beverages at Banff Ave. Brewing Co.

2. Tofino, BC

Tofino is a small town on Vancouver Island, off the west coast of Canada. It is situated on a peninsula in Clayoquot, surrounded by untamed natural resources such as lakes, inlets, and old forests. Cox Bay, Chesterman Beach, and the famed Long Beach, all part of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, include sandy beaches with year-round surfing opportunities. 

To get the best out of your stay in Tofino, you could catch a wave at Chesterman Beach or even have a bite at the Tofino’s legendary hot chocolates. A beach bonfire is another option if you decide to shake off cold and warm up. They’re allowed on Chesterman Beach, and as the sun sets, you’ll probably hear noises of people gathered at the fire.

3. Wiarton, Ontario 

Wiarton is a town in Bruce County, Ontario, Canada, located in the town of South Bruce Peninsula. It’s on the Saugeen Ojibway Nation’s traditional territory, on what’s now known as the Bruce Peninsula, at the western end of Colpoys Bay, an inlet off Georgian Bay.

4. Sandspit, British Columbia

Sandspit is the largest town on Moresby Island, located off the coast of British Columbia, Canada, in Haida Gwaii. Sandspit, Moresby Island’s only settlement, offers lodging, a campground, a store, and an 85-berth harbor for tourists to Gwaii Haanas.

If you want to relax yourself, you can visit the Sandspit to fish and enjoy the beauty of nature. This little village is a year-round salmon and trout hotspot, with outstanding steelhead trout fishing in the winter. 

5. Jasper (Alberta)

Jasper is the commercial center of Jasper National Park, which is located in Alberta, Canada. The park contains rivers, woods and glacier-fed lakes nestled within the snow-capped Canadian mountains. The Jasper Yellowhead Archive and Museum displays the park’s early discovery which include the railway and the fur trade.

Jasper’s cascading Athabasca Falls and crystal blue Maligne Lake give stunning scenery, while the Marmot Basin ski resort offers action-packed photo opportunities. 

6. Trout River

Trout River is a small rural fishing community near the Tablelands, on the southern coast of Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland. George Crocker and his family founded Trout River in 1815, and they remained the only residents until 1880.

It’s easy to see why Trout River is one of Canada’s happiest places to live, with natural splendor like Gros Morne National Park right in its backyard. In this city, you can also relax at night by visiting the Seaside Restaurant, where a glass of wine, soothing harp music, and stunning sunset ocean views are guaranteed to make you happy.

7. Mingan (Quebec)

Many of the happiest cities are near environmental preserves, which is no coincidence. The Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve is unlike any other park. However, it also has another feature that everyone enjoys – puffins.

There are also breathtaking limestone cliffs and frolicking whales in the waters. After a long day of touring, a nightcap at Bar l’Écoutille in nearby Havre-Saint-Pierre with live music and a beverage is the ideal way to end the day.

8. Port Hardy

Port Hardy is a city in British Columbia, Canada. 

It is filled with a lot of beautiful places that are perfect for sightseeing. From the ocean to the snow, you can see everything Mother Nature has to offer in under two hours in Port Hardy.

If you want to get the best out of your stay in this city, you’ll have to have a picnic on Storey’s Beach with maple salmon from local legend Hardy Buoys Smoked Fish. Then head to Mount Cain Alpine Park for an afternoon of skiing or snowboarding. After completing your day in town with a cappuccino at Café Guido, you’ll never want to leave.

9. Red Lake (Ontario)

Red Lake is a town in the Canadian province of  Ontario which is 535 kilometers northwest of Thunder Bay and less than a hundred kilometers from the Manitoba border.

When the days become shorter and the nights get colder (winter) Red Lake residents get happier. This is because of the winter festivities that usually occur every year. From gallery exhibitions by local artists to the Winter Carnival there is no limit to the fun and enjoyment you get in this small city. For the extremely daring, Red Lake Outfitters offers a special winter adventure into the wilds of Woodland Caribou Provincial Park.

10. Windsor

Windsor is a city in Ontario, Canada, located across the Detroit River from Detroit, Michigan, in the United States. Windsor’s primary waterfront park extends for nearly 5 kilometers from the 1929 Ambassador suspension bridge to the current Windsor Sculpture Park.

Windsor is the cradle of hockey and a must-see destination for every hockey enthusiast, a sport that is healthy for the heart.



We can all do better with more happiness in our lives and one of the most effective ways to do so is to surround yourself with things that make you happy, including the place you live. Of course, not all cities are created equal, but some are seen as better for overall happiness.