Top 10 Happiest Jobs in Canada (2024)

Almost everyone wants a profession that makes them happy. Happiness, on the other hand, might mean different things to different people. A profession that requires working outdoors, for example, may appeal to certain people but not to others. Interests and passions fluctuate over time. It’s possible that what you want to achieve right now will not be your ultimate career ambition. You may be passionate about animals and desire to become a veterinarian, only to discover later that you are unprepared to handle the job’s emotional stress.

So, which jobs makes Canadian people happy? 

We’ve come up with the following list of the happiest jobs in Canada, as we assessed different career paths and the reason why it makes people happy.

Top 10 Happiest Jobs in Canada 

1. Teaching

Teaching is the happiest job in Canada. Although the salary for this fulfilling career is not as great as some other big careers out there, still it is extremely satisfying because you get to work with children and see them grow and become a better person in the future.

This job is a perfect demonstration of the quote that says “money is not a driver of happiness.” While jobs like doctors, attorneys, stockbrokers, architects, and other high-paying jobs in Canada did not make the list, Teaching made it since you get to see a lot of your students doing great and putting a smile on your face to make you happy.

Teachers are responsible for a range of tasks, including enforcing school regulations, teaching good behavior, taking attendance, preparing lesson materials, and overseeing students throughout the day. 

The average salary of a teacher is $62,870.

2. Quality Assurance Analyst

Second, on our list of the happiest job in Canada is Quality Assurance Analyst.

QA analysts examine products and systems to ensure that they meet the requirements of their employers. They also ensure that a product or system is dependable, functional, and easy to use. Many QA analysts can work anywhere in Medical settings or Tech including software companies and IT departments, 

The average salary of a y analyst is $60,997.

3. Programmer

A programmer who is also called a software developer is someone who creates computer software. The interesting thing about this job that makes people happy is that it doesn’t take people away from their family, as you can easily work from home thereby spending more time with your family. 

A software developer creates code that allows web pages to be built and databases for business servers. They gather software needs for websites and then create, change, and debug software depending on the requirements. A Programmer developer builds and designs activities and procedures to maintain software applications. They collaborate with designers and content producers to test and document this software for websites.

The average salary of a programmer is $95,052.

4. Marketing Consultant

A marketing specialist helps a firm in increasing consumer awareness of its products or services. When it comes to investing money or taking action, marketing experts focus on customer intent.

While “marketing specialist” is a broad phrase that can refer to a variety of activities, one thing that all marketing specialists have in common is the requirement to evaluate market data in order to better understand their customers and find gaps that could lead to profitable opportunities.

A marketing specialist might work in a range of capacities, from leading teams and developing campaigns to analyzing consumer purchasing power. The work is influenced by the industry and company in which it is performed. 

A marketing specialist working for a software company, for example, might be primarily concerned with ad placement in local media and spreading the word about promotions or specials, whereas a marketing specialist working for a local restaurant might be primarily concerned with ad placement in local media and spreading the word about promotions or specials. It all relies on the work environment, previous experience or training, and personal interests.

The average salary of a marketing specialist is $50,528.

5. Senior Software Developer

Senior software developers are in charge of building business solutions, assessing client demands, and resolving technical issues using their understanding of the company’s architecture. To guarantee that projects are completed on schedule, they help coordinate, guide, and supervise developer teams. Senior software developers collaborate with project managers to define project schedules and technical directions for new software.

To achieve “senior” status, one must provide a meaningful advantage to the organization. A Senior Software Developer must improve the work efficiency of others around them, has a long-term vision, produces excellent work, and continually adds value to the company. 

The average salary of a Senior Software Developer is $95,791.

6. Data Analyst

Data analysts collect, process, and analyze data, then translate it into plain English to assist businesses in making better business decisions by answering questions and solving problems. They detect existing patterns in order to create future projections, explain why numbers fluctuate from year to year and offer suggestions for how to improve these numbers.

Data analysts begin with facts and figures, but they must eventually decipher what these figures represent in order to communicate their results by utilizing graphs, charts, and graphics in an interesting manner.

The average salary of a Data Analyst is $70,965.

7. Human Resources Manager

A human resources manager is responsible for all administrative duties in a company. Recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, team development, strategic planning, performance updates, policies, remuneration, benefits, and employee safety are examples of such tasks. They serve as a link between the corporation and the workforce. In addition, the HR manager is in charge of building a work environment that encourages and keeps people.

The average salary of an HR Manager is $80,663.

8. Information Technology Specialist

Many businesses employ IT specialists to assist with the upkeep of their computers and computer networks. An IT specialist must detect and diagnose the problem if a server becomes unusable, such as a failed motherboard. After that, the professional must be able to take the necessary actions to resolve the issue.

IT professionals frequently resolve software issues by applying manufacturer-supplied updates or removing and reinstalling problematic applications. In addition, the person in this job assists in the resolution of individual technical challenges that employees encounter.

The average salary of an IT professional is $56,139.

9. Project Coordinator 

Project coordinators are in charge of overseeing particular stages of a larger project (unlike the project manager, who oversees the project as a whole). Project coordinators may be in charge of numerous different areas of a project or only one.

Throughout the project’s life cycle, the project coordinator keeps track of the stages of their attention and ensures that vital information is delivered with the appropriate team members. Project coordinators may be responsible for supervising the workforce, monitoring the project’s progress, keeping track of schedules, and generating reports.

The average annual salary of a Project Coordinator is $88,270.

10. Systems Analyst

Systems analysts are IT specialists who examine a company’s current computer systems and develop solutions to help the company achieve its objectives more efficiently and effectively. They assist in the integration of business and IT by comprehending and communicating both parties’ needs and limits.

Their average annual salary is $68,807.



Happiness is free and can be found anywhere including in your work. There’s nothing better than being content with what you’re doing, especially if you’re making money while doing it.

The ten happiest jobs in Canada are listed above. However, it doesn’t imply that they are your sole option. If you think you’d be happier as a Medical Doctor rather than a Software Developer, then go for it. The most important thing is that you are happy while you work.