Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Canada Without A Degree (2024)

Canada is a country with so many opportunities that houses over 1.2 million businesses, is well known for its very active business hub, and has several career opportunities for workers, regardless of their skill set, level of education or so work experience.

The top 10 highest paying jobs in Canada without a degree are Mechanic, Garbage Truck Driver, Transit Driver, Web Development, Welding, Plumbing, Chef, Firefighting, and Real Estate Agent.

Education is crucial, and many individuals make great efforts to obtain the best education possible in order to have a profession. However, not everyone needs to have a university degree in order to have a successful career. There are several job options open to people without degrees and some even pay more than the average salary an educationally trained worker earns, some other advantages of having a career without having a degree are;

  • Reduces the stress of having to spend years repaying debts from student loans
  • Allows you to start a career early cutting out the time spent getting a degree
  • Gives you faster entry into the workforce, etc.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada Without A Degree

1. Mechanic

A mechanic otherwise known as an Automotive service technician is a professional responsible for inspecting, repairing, and maintaining machinery, light trucks, and automobiles. It is a high-demand job in Canada that doesn’t require a degree but rather skilled training and can eat you a pay ranging from about $26,000 to $71,000 yearly.

2. Garbage Truck Driver

Similar to a transit driver but the only difference is that a garbage truck driver transports refuse rather than people. They are responsible for moving solid waste from homes, schools, or offices to the central dump and also for safely transporting recyclable materials since hygiene is one of the topmost priorities in Canada, Garbage truck driving is a high-demand job with a salary of about $31,000- $61,000 yearly. This job also doesn’t require a degree but however, requires a DZ driver’s license.

3. Transit Driver

They work in the transportation department and are professionally trained to be responsible for transporting people along a predetermined route. Their job description may also include ensuring that the car or vehicle is in good shape at the start of their shift and also performing some basic car maintenance such as oil change and tire replacement. In most parts of Canada, one does not require a degree to work as a transit driver but would however need a class c driver’s license. The average pay for a transit driver in Canada is between $35,000-$75,000.

4. Web developer

The technological space is one that is fast growing all over the world. A web developer is someone who creates websites for companies, schools, businesses, etc., and ensures the functionality of these websites. Web development is a very lucrative job that even gives you the luxury to work from home, this career can be self-taught and doesn’t in fact need any form of degree. The average salary of a web developer in Canada ranges between $35,000-$75,000 depending on your level of proficiency.

5. Welding

This is another high-demand job in the construction departments in Canada. A welder is an expert who assembles metal components or fixes damage to components using large apparatus that generates intense heat, melting the metals into place. It is a skilled labor that does not require a degree and can earn you a salary of about $37,000- $76,000 per year depending on the company and your level of expertise.

6. Plumbing

 A plumber is An individual who installs and fixes pipes and fixtures that transport water, gas, or other fluids in residences and commercial buildings since their job is basically an essential part of any building, it is a job that will continue to be in existence even in years to come. To become a plumber in Canada, you do not need any degree but however an apprenticeship training of about 4-5 years after which you become eligible to work. The average pay of a plumber in Canada ranges from about $39,000 to $86,000 yearly.

7. Chef

Canada is a country well known for its good food and restaurants ankhs being a chef in this country is not only in high demand but also very profitable. The duties of a chef involve reading over recipes, planning meals, and creating dishes of the highest caliber, this job doesn’t need a degree but needs good training and personal skills. A chef in Canada can earn about $41,000 to $91,000 yearly depending on the restaurant and level of experience.

8. Fire Fighting

A firefighter is a highly skilled person that Responds to emergencies and safeguards people, the environment, and property against all kinds of fire dangers. Although a fire Fighter needs adequate training, they do not need any degree asides from their high school diploma, first aid and CPR certification, good communication skills, and proof of no criminal history. This is a very good career path that earns you good money as well as fulfillment. The average salary of a firefighter in Canada ranges from $42,000- $102,000 per year.

9. Air Traffic Controller

An air traffic controller is a qualified person who controls the flow of aircraft into and out of the airport’s airspace, directs pilots during takeoff and landing, and keeps an eye on aircraft as they move through the sky. It is a job that requires high training as well as an air traffic controller license, however, you are not required to have a college degree before applying. It is a profitable job that can earn you a salary ranging from about $52,000- $134,000 per year.

10. Real Estate Agent

It is definitely no news that Canada’s housing system is one industry that stays booming all year round. With the influx of immigrants into the country every day, there are more people looking to buy new houses and this is where real estate agents come in. A real estate agent is a qualified professional that assists clients in the purchase or sale of homes or properties. Their pay usually comes from a certain percentage of the sale making them open to earning as high as $107,000 per year. Although this job requires some form of training to earn a license, you do not need a college degree to practice.


It might take months or even years of hard work to find legal employment in Canada that pays well, especially if you don’t have a degree. However, we have curated a list to help reduce the stress of your search, on the highest-paying jobs in Canada without a Degree.