Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants In Calgary (2024)

Calgary is the largest city in the western Canadian province of Alberta that is well known for its numerous skyscrapers, vibrant and diverse culture, and of course its culinary scene. Calgary’s culinary culture is incredibly diversified and constantly evolving, offering everything from international cuisine to native Canadian cuisine.

The top 10 most expensive restaurants in Calgary are Bow Valley Ranch, The Lake House, Alloy, Rouge, Hy’s Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, Modern Steak Restaurant, River Cafe, Teatro, And Flores and Pine.

Calgary has over 350 restaurants that offer good services and beautiful dishes ranging from fast food to high-end fast meals. These restaurants take delight in contributing to the lovely aesthetic of the city, which they do by being situated in some of the city’s most popular neighborhoods such as Downtown, Victoria Park, Kensington, etc. if you are in the city of Calgary and you are in need of a fancy luxurious night out or a fancy restaurant to host your business meetings, here is a list of the top 10 most expensive restaurants in Calgary;

Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants In Calgary

1. Bow Valley Ranch

This is an upscale fine dining restaurant located at 15979 Bow Bottom Trail SE, Calgary, and is regarded as Calgary’s finest and top-class restaurant. Bow valley ranch has a uniquely decorated interior that has a western motif and is tastefully decorated with rustic hardwood tables and chairs that radiate elegance while maintaining a western vibe.

Asides from its elegant decor, this restaurant stands out with its finely made dishes that definitely leave your tastebuds wanting more alongside its extensive wine list that has a variety of drinks perfect for any occasion. Some of the dishes on the menu are chicken pot pie, macaroni, and cheese, barbecue ribs, hearty sandwiches, etc. all made to taste with fresh and healthy ingredients.

2. The lake house

This elegant high-end restaurant is located on the shore of Glenmore Reservoir, giving customers a perfect view of the sulfur mountain and making it a perfect spot for a peaceful evening with your significant other, friends, and family or even birthdays or any other special occasion. The lake house is a restaurant that is well known for its exceptional steak alongside its properly made seafood dishes and also its exquisite wine list. This restaurant is definitely a top choice if you want good food, great service, and an excellent atmosphere all packed in a luxurious environment.

3. Alloy

This is a very unique restaurant and one of its kind in Calgary. Alloy is a new high-end restaurant located at 220 42 Ave SE, Calgary that has a unique feature of an open kitchen that allows customers to watch the chefs use fine cooking techniques to create mouth-watering meals. This restaurant takes pride in the quality of its steak and seafood which is one of a kind and also in its wine list which consists of classic and premium wine. The overall service at alloy is good and definitely worth every penny.

4. Rouge

Rouge is one of the most expensive French restaurants in Calgary and it is located at 1240 8 Ave SE, Calgary. This restaurant is special because it uses locally sourced, fresh ingredients, so you can be sure that the food is both nutritious and organic. Rouge just like every other high-end restaurant in the city has a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing decor that brings this vibrant yet relaxing feel making it most suitable for romantic date nights as well as hangouts with friends.

5. Hy’s Steakhouse and Cocktail Bar

This is a unique upscale steakhouse located at 8 Avenue at, 3 St SW, Calgary. This high-end restaurant is one that exudes luxury just as you walk into it, the interior decor gives it a very cozy and welcoming feel that makes it most suitable for intimate date nights as well as small gatherings with friends or large meetings with business partners. This restaurant offers classic meals such as the steak Neptune, Gorgonzola filet, beef Wellington, etc it also serves an extensive list of wines and drinks.

6. Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Definitely, the home of good steak, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse is located in Calgary Tower, 294, 115 – 9th Avenue SE, 2nd Floor of, Calgary. This luxurious restaurant offers both a private dining experience as well as a lovely space to host gatherings with friends. It is one of the priciest restaurants in the city and it offers a wide selection of steaks, seafood dishes, and desserts on its comprehensive menu. This restaurant offers tasty meals with the best services and of course the best view perfect for a date night with that special person or a night out with friends or family.

7. Modern Steak

This is another high-end steakhouse in Calgary. Modern steak is located at 100 8 Ave SE and 107 10A St NW, Calgary. Although well known for its exceptional steak, the modern steak restaurant offers a variety of mouth-watering dishes including chicken marsala, chicken piccata, salmon fillet, shrimp cocktail, Caesar salad, etc., and is also inclusive of vegetarian meal options

8. River Cafe

This beautiful upscale restaurant is located at 25 Prince’s Island Park, SW, Calgary just right on the bow river from which it gets its name “River” Cafe. This restaurant offers a wonderful view and a relaxing atmosphere that is suitable for any occasion. The restaurant prides itself on its beautiful decor which is a mixture of old and new as well as its menu which isn’t just for nighttime but also for breakfast and lunch. Some of the delicacies on its menu are French Toast, sandwiches, grilled rib-eye steak, roasted potatoes, etc.

9. Tearto

In an upscale environment, Teatro is a distinctive restaurant that serves both Italian and Asian cuisine. This 5-star restaurant is located at 200 8 Ave SE, Calgary, and has an extensive menu that offers a four-course prix fixe menu that includes an appetizer, a main dish, a dessert, and coffee/tea service. Teatro is definitely a top choice if you are looking for the finest Italian or Asian meal in Calgary accompanied by a luxurious environment and service.

10. Flores and Pine

This restaurant, which is recognized for its upscale casual dining experience, is situated at 254028 Bearspaw Rd. in Calgary and oozes elegance and refinement. This new restaurant has a wonderful and beautiful interior adorned with lights that makes every moment spent in the building beautiful and exotic. And even though the meal is expensive, the taste, ambiance, and service definitely make it worth every penny. This is a go-to restaurant if you are interested in having a beautiful experience along with the city’s finest meal.



Calgary, the third-largest city in Canada and the core of its oil sector, is home to more than 1.6 million people, this makes it one of the busiest cities in Canada and a target destination for tourists, business owners, and culture enthusiasts.

The most expensive restaurants in Calgary are located in the heart of the beautiful city adorned with several historical attractions, the Rocky Mountains, and good food,  particularly its renowned ginger beef and Caesar beverage amongst other food options and it is definitely the city for food lovers.