Top 6 Phone Companies In Canada (2024)

Communication is life. There is no part of life as we know it that could function properly without the ability to communicate- to pass information from one person to another. Phones make this communication possible, and so they help make our lives easier. The top phone companies in Canada are therefore the top communication companies that help us live better, and achieve more every day.

Choosing the right cell phone company can be a difficult task, especially because each phone company offers different packages that have different benefits and talking points. The answer therefore would be to examine your particular needs and preferences, and then determine what network has the packages that can better suit your lifestyle.

The following are the top Canadian phone companies. 

Top 6 Phone Companies In Canada

1. Bell

Bell is more or less a complete or comprehensive communications company. They offer you the opportunity to bundle your mobile service with internet, TV, and more. They offer news alerts, including stocks and investment alerts, and so on. This may not be the cheapest option in the market, but at least it cuts across your communication needs, giving you a more complete experience.

Bell offers you the option of getting unlimited voice calls within Canada, unlimited text, and unlimited non-shareable data, all for just CA$80 per month. The only caveat is that after using up 30GB of data, the internet speed gets reduced to just 512Kbps. For heavy internet users who need more data, you can get a plan that includes 35GB for CA$85, or 50GB of data for CA$125.

Bell Sharable Data includes: 

The Connect Everything 20 and 50 plans. The data plans give you options starting at CA$90 per month to  CA$125 for those that need even more data. You can share this data directly with the SIMS of family and friends. These data plans also come with unlimited talk and text nationwide.

Bell has a plan called Basic Phone 35. This one gets you unlimited calls and texts within Canada for the monthly fee of just CA$35.

*These prices apply if you have your own mobile phone.

2. Rogers

Rogers is a top mobile provider in Canada; one of the biggest. This too is a complete communications company: they offer you voice, internet, and television. If you use their voice, internet, and television services, you can really make some neat monthly savings, but if you only use their phone network you may not save so much.

Rogers Plans; you can choose plans from 30GB, 35GB, 50GB, or 100GB. The cheapest plan is CA$80, and the most expensive is CA$130 per month. Rogers has recently rebranded all of its plans as Rogers Infinite, and now, you can opt for the 5G network.

A family plan is also a great way to save money on the Rogers network; they will give you CA$15 off for each additional line you add.

3. Fido

Fido is another top telecom company in Canada that is popular among young people today. They offer two categories of plans: talk and text; or talk, text, and data plans at very reasonable prices. If you want cheap monthly access to mobile communication, then Fido might be the solution.

You can choose one from the Data and Text, Talk and Text, or Talk, Text, and Data options. The data plans differ by selected data cap. All plans include unlimited texts. The starting plan is 3GB for CA$45 per month, and you can get up to 15GB of data for just CA$80 per month.

Fido is always doing a promo involving some new smart-phone, so if you need a new phone, this may be a great place to start looking.

4. Telus

Telus is another big cell phone company, challenging the biggest in the industry. They too have some interesting offers, depending on your particular needs.

Telus offers you unlimited nationwide calling and texting, along with “unlimited” data up to 30GB. You get all these for CA$80 per month. This data is un-sharable; if you want the sharable option you just need a small additional payment. You can share that data between your collection of devices starting at CA$85 per month, and the data is 35GB. If you are a heavy user and need more data, you can go for the 50GB of data option for CA$125 per month. 

5. Freedom Mobile

Freedom Mobile offers some very cheap mobile plans; this company was formerly known as Wind. Freedom realizes that not everybody is a big spender, or actually needs to have such huge amounts of data. If you want something refreshingly different, then you have to check out what Freedom has to offer. 

Freedom offers Canadians 250MB of data, unlimited texts, and 100 minutes of talk all for CA$15 per month. That is one of the cheapest, if not the outright most economical plan out there. You can get similar plans with more data for more money, and of course, if you want unlimited calling, you can get that option too.

You can also go for the Freedom Big Gig Unlimited plans that start from CA$50 per month. As for unlimited talk time, you can get plans starting at 15GB of data with an extra 500MB of data that you can increase as you expand your plan. 

6. Koodo

Koodo is another top phone company in Canada that allows you to save money without sacrificing quality or data. If you are more of a data person, you can get Koodo plans for as little as CA$30 per month. If you need calling, data, and text you can sign up for the plan that gives you unlimited calling across the country, unlimited texting, and data 5GB of data all for CA$50 per month.

Koodo also offers “shock-free data” on all its data plans. That means the company will not shock you with extra fees because you can’t go over your data limit and rack up any extra fees. Instead, your data deactivates when you reach your limit. You do get a warning ahead of time, and the option to buy more data before it runs out.

Koodo too is always doing some promo offer on a new phone; you can check them out when you need one.



Freedom is limited to certain areas; please contact the company to confirm if the network covers the areas where you live and work. Please ensure that you read the fine print in order to fully enjoy whatever plans you choose. The phone companies in Canada is dependent on how much calling, texting, or internet surfing you need to do.