Top 10 Richest Neighborhoods In Calgary (2023)

Talking about the richest neighborhoods in Calgary, many high-end and wealthy communities are scattered across the city; however, just a few can be distinguished as being highly exclusive.

The list of the most expensive neighborhoods in Calgary includes Altadore, Aspen Woods, Bay View, Bearspaw, Bel Aire, Britannia, Elbow Park, Elbow Valley Estates/West, Patterson, and Park Hill or Stanley Park.

Most of the richest neighborhoods in Calgary all have common features that make them stand out from all other communities. These features include voguish and cool locations, a large plot of land, premium custom features, and full or wide views.

If you’ve decided to purchase a home in one of the richest neighborhoods in Calgary, here are some of the top 10 exclusive communities in Calgary that you may choose.

Top 10 Luxurious Communities In Calgary

1. Altadore 

If you’re looking for a cool neighborhood to reside in Calgary, then you’d want to go for Altadore. It’s popularly known for its upscale development. Homes in Altadore are located in suitable and proper places, such as near Mount Royal University and Elbow River Parks.

New buildings in Altadore cost about $900,000 and might even extend up to $1 million based on the structure of the building and how big the house is. Some chic mansion homes might not be included in the market regularly, but they’re worth millions of dollars.

2. Aspen Woods

Another premium neighborhood in Calgary is Aspen Woods, situated at the border of the West District. One lovely fact about this community is that it’s located beside everything you’ll ever need. Also, it is characterized by a very beautiful setting among foothills and a row of cut grass.

Most of the richest structures in Calgary are located in Aspen Estates. Aspen Woods is the perfect choice if you want a very luxurious community with premium homes with all the expensive bells and whistles you’d ever dream of wanting.

3. Bay View

Bay View is a community in Calgary where you can have unlimited access to fun and games outside of your home. After some years, homeowners in Bay View take it upon themselves to restore their properties to a better state because this is one neighborhood where families live for a long time. If you love refreshing yourself after a hectic day’s work, this community is the right choice.

The surrounding in Bay View is filled with ma vegetation giving families a way to unwind and rest after the city’s hectic life. Many homes in Bay View face the aesthetic Glenmore reservoir, allowing homeowners to ease themselves from the day’s activities and have fun.

4. Bearspaw

Bearspaw has stood out as one of the most expensive communities in Calgary due to the many gigantic mansions that spread across the whole land.

Bearspaw is perfect for every buyer looking to invest in a home in Calgary. From expensive homes to full or wide views that show the mountains in their beauty to the acreage of land.

5. Bel Aire

The name alone ‘Bel Aire’ screams luxury, and it’s definitely among the list of the most expensive communities in Calgary. Most families living in Bel Aire stay there for a long time. The community is a stone’s throw away from the highway that encircles the city. Bel Aire is good for you if you love to ease yourself from spending a lot of time in traffic. Also, if you’d love to indulge yourself more in the things you love doing, go for Bel Aire.

6. Britannia

If you want to live in Calgary, and you’re looking for a neighborhood with homes that lead to nature and places where you can spend your leisure hours easily, then Britannia might be your perfect community choice. This voguish neighborhood is perfect for regular people in the city center for work and relaxation. It is a few minutes drive away from the lower part of the city.

Homeowners in Britannia have easy access to the many recreation centers made available by Parks and adjoining pathways, some of which are Riverdale Park and Sandy Beach Park. With its panoramic views and high-end custom features, Britannia is a top luxury neighborhood in Calgary.

7. Elbow Park

Another luxurious community in Calgary is Elbow Park, located at Upper Mount Royal, which faces the north, and Britannia, which faces the south. Elbow Park was set up in 1910, and it’s popularly known among people due to its big estate properties and restructured valuable homes that portray it as one of the most costly neighborhoods in Calgary.

The neighborhood can be found after driving a few minutes from the lower part of the city. Elbow Park is suitable for people who would love to live, work and spend their leisure hours in the city center.

8. Elbow Valley Estates/ West

After the Southwest Calgary town limits is the luxurious and exclusive neighborhood called Elbow Valley Estates and Elbow Valley West. Both communities are filled with high-end homes that back to astonishing views of the beautiful mountains filled with many rocks.

Elbow Valley has become a number one choice for premium buyers who live far from the city. If you’re living in Elbow Valley, you can easily reach Bragg Creek, an abundance of fun and game trails, within thirty to forty minutes.

9. Patterson

Wealthy buyers looking for properties that allow one to behold the city in all its glory should turn their focus to Patterson.

The Patterson community is situated on a cliff that offers a view of the Bow River. Patterson is ideal for people looking for large estate homes with high monetary value. The fact that these homes allow a full or wide view helps to add more value to the homes.

10. Park hill or Stanley Park

Park Hill is another luxurious community located in the inner city of Calgary, where many homeowners decide to live for a long time. This high-end community in Calgary allows one to walk through the paved routeways in Elbow River’s Park. If you’re looking for a premium community to buy homes and properties then Park Hill is a chief choice for you.