Top 10 Richest Neighbourhoods In Ottawa (2023)

Ottawa is a lively, safe, and young city with a wide range of interesting neighbourhoods. Although Ottawa is a little quieter than larger cities such as Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver, it still offers a wide variety of exciting entertainment options, including world-class dining, exciting sports events, beautiful parks, and lively nightlife.

The lists of some of Ottawa’s richest neighbourhoods for individuals considering a move include Rockcliffe Park, New Edinburgh, Tunney’s Pasture, Westboro, The Glebe, Orleans, Greely, Kanata Lakes, Island Park, and Alta Visa. Keep in mind that it might take a while to figure out which part of Ottawa is right for you, so you might want to put off making a long-term commitment until you get to Ottawa and see more of the city.

Some people might be able to afford it while most of us might not be able to afford to live in these high-end Ottawa neighbourhoods, which have some of the best real estate as well as rental prices in Ontario. Here are the wealthiest neighbourhoods in Ottawa, based on the total cost of living, which includes the prices of groceries, goods and services, real estate, and rent.

Top 10 Richest Neighbourhoods In Ottawa

1. Rockcliffe Park

This list starts with what is probably the most expensive part of the city. Rockcliffe Park is renowned for the natural splendor of its surroundings and for its commitment to preserving the area’s rich historical legacy.

The neighbourhood is home to a variety of Georgian-style houses as well as magnificent villas built more recently. Perfect for practicing attorneys, elected officials, and medical professionals. Rockcliffe Park is a neighbourhood that exemplifies the qualities described in the previous paragraph since it is the residence of notable officials from the surrounding area, including the Prime Minister. The cost of living in this area is quite high.

2. New Edinburgh

This neighbourhood is perfect for lawyers, legislators, and medical professionals since it is located right next to Rockcliffe Park. This is a very rich neighbourhood with a lot of consulates and wealthy businessmen. In this community, you may anticipate paying a premium price for a property. This is a neighbourhood that is known for its numerous mansions and its abundance of beautiful green areas.

The majority of people won’t be able to afford to live in these peaceful communities in Ottawa since they are distinguished by the presence of magnificent houses and substantial green space. However, during the Halloween season or during the month of December, when many homes are elaborately decked with Christmas lights, it is still enjoyable to drive by or visit these neighbourhoods.

3. Tunney’s Pasture

According to Tunney’s Pasture Master Plan, the area that was formerly dedicated only to federal government buildings is set to be transformed into a flourishing mixed-use neighbourhood. This change will take place in the central west of Ottawa. With the completion of LRT Phase 2 in 2023, the Tunney’s Pasture neighbourhood is an excellent choice for real estate investment.

4. Westboro

Perfect for families and business people. This area is conveniently located near downtown and has a rich variety of entertainment options. This region is pleasant and secure, and it provides a wide variety of wonderful facilities, but the cost of living here is somewhat expensive.

This beachfront spot is great because there isn’t much crime and there are lots of things to do. There is a housing alternative available on the market that corresponds to your way of life, provided that you have the financial means to do so. This includes single-family detached houses, townhouses, and condominiums.

5. The Glebe

Perfect for millennials and progressives. This spot is perfect for working professionals and aspiring future professionals. This place has a lot to offer, and everything is conveniently located and not too far away from one another. The cost of housing falls in the moderate range, and there is a wide variety of gorgeous alternatives available, including single-family homes and a few luxurious condominiums.

6. Orleans

Keep going east and you’ll reach Orleans, which is the first neighbourhood on this list that can really be called a suburb. Subdivisions, residential projects, high schools, and a huge retail mall may all be found in Orleans, a massive and vast section of the city. There are a lot of people who speak French in Orleans.

Petrie Island is a park in Orleans with a beach that is conveniently located for locals. Keep in mind that Orleans is a pretty suburban area, so there isn’t much in the way of exciting nightlife and you’ll probably need a vehicle to get about.

7. Greely

Private communities like Sunset Lakes and South Village may be found just south of the Ottawa International Airport (about a 10-minute drive away), and they provide resort-style amenities like swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, and gorgeous private lakes.

8. Kanata Lakes

Perfect for those working in the government or the IT industry. Despite being less expensive than neighbourhoods closer to the city center, this region is nevertheless filled with mansions fit for a king and queen. Getting to the hospital or a store is a breeze.

9. Island Park

This historic district is close to Westboro beach and Hintonburg, and it is located near the Champlain Bridge, which crosses the Ottawa River into Quebec. The Civic Hospital is easily accessible by car as well.

10. Alta Visa

Alta Visa might be a good choice for people who want a quieter, more residential experience. The homes here are somewhat less expensive than those in the Glebe or Old Ottawa South, but residents still have access to excellent services including good schools and bicycle lanes. Alta Vista is home to not one, but two of Ottawa’s hospitals: the Ottawa General Hospital and the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

Even though there are bus lines that pass through Alta Vista, it may be challenging for individuals without a vehicle to get to the heart of the city. Because of this, Alta Vista is perhaps a better choice for those who want to plant some roots than for those who want to keep a hectic pace of life.



For those who can afford it, the richest neighbourhoods in Ottawa would be a great choice to reside in. You will find a serene environment with all you might possibly need.