Top 10 Safest Neighborhoods In Calgary (2023)

Calgary, the third-largest city in Canada and the largest city in the western Canadian province of Alberta, is one of the busiest cities in Canada and the core of its oil sector. This city is recognized as one of the best in Canada and one of the world’s most livable places, it is however no surprise that this city has been on constant growth in all its sector and currently serves as home to over 1.6 million people.

The top safest neighborhood in Calgary is West Springs, Aspen Woods, Edgemont, Citadel, Sherwood, Hawkwood, Cougar Ridge, Point McKay, Huntington Hills, and Brentwood.

Calgary has been ranked one of the safest cities in Canada, but this doesn’t imply there aren’t any crimes; rather, it only means that, compared to other major cities, Calgary has a low crime rate, making some neighborhoods safer than others. Here is a list of the top 10 safest neighborhoods in Calgary;

Top 10 Safest Neighborhoods in Calgary

1. West Springs

West Springs is a residential area in Calgary’s southwest quadrant with a vibrant environment created by the dining and shopping scenes, which helps explain why this area has a lower crime rate. It is a high-class neighborhood that has consistently ranked among Calgary’s safest areas and is also gradually evolving into one of Calgary’s wealthiest and most coveted suburban areas.

2. Aspen Woods

Located in Calgary’s southwest, Aspen Woods is a residential community that was built in 2001 and has since built a solid reputation as a family-friendly and secure area. This area is well-known and in high demand because of its opulent estate homes, wealthy neighborhood, forested surroundings, breathtaking mountain views, and convenient access to downtown Calgary. With very few crimes committed there each year, Aspen Woods is a generally safe place.

3. Edgemont

This is another residential neighborhood in Calgary and it is situated in the city’s northwest region. It is a sparsely populated neighborhood with about 17,000 people living there, but it has the largest housing market in Calgary. Edgemont is a safe area of Calgary that is ideal for a variety of people, especially those who enjoy going on late-night outings and walks.

4. Citadel

This is another family-friendly residential neighborhood located in the northwestern part of Calgary. The region is home to a number of outstanding public schools, plenty of playgrounds and other kid-friendly activities, a solid and inexpensive housing system, and a low crime rate. The neighborhood is well-known for having a sizable green space in the middle of it, where various family-friendly activities and events frequently take place. Citadel is a great option for those seeking a cozy setting with a secure environment.

5. Sherwood

Sherwood is a new neighborhood located in the northwestern region of Calgary. Although new, this area has made its way to being one of the safest in Calgary and also a livable neighborhood that has a cool ambiance and well-lined modern houses to match up with it. Houses here are quite affordable and is streets are not overpopulated making it a very suitable choice for people going for calm, beautiful and safe.

6. Hawkwood

Hawkwood is a residential neighborhood located in Calgary’s northwest quadrant, it is well renowned for its stunning, opulent mansions that offer views of both the city’s downtown and the snow-capped Rockies. Hawk Wood, which was built in 1981, is a highly family-friendly community with a large population of adults over 50. People looking for convenience, luxury, and safety in a lovely neighborhood should consider this area because it is safe and secure and among Calgary’s safest neighborhoods.

7. Cougar Ridge

Cougar Ridge is a residential area located in Calgary’s southwest region and has breathtaking views of the Canadian Rockies to the west and the city skyline to the east. Indeed, it is one of Calgary’s safest areas and a very lovely one. The location is ideal for families as it has among of the lowest crime rates in the city and a quite number of schools as well as social amenities.

8. Point McKay

This is a peaceful residential neighborhood located in Calgary’s northwest region. It is a tranquil area along the Bow River that is lightly populated, which gives it its tranquil and cool ambiance. The sense of community that comes from living here contributes to the neighborhood’s reputation as a safe place to live. Families and those who appreciate the security and want to be able to move around the city easily can consider Point McKay.

9. Huntington Hills

This is a residential neighborhood located in the northwest region of Calgary and is known for its beautiful houses that are usually offered at affordable prices. It is a rather safe neighborhood and although crime rates seem to be on the increase, the rate of crime here is still relatively low compared to other parts of Calgary. It is a great choice with the perfect location for people deciding to start up a business here or even settle here.

10. Brentwood

This is a residential area that welcomes families and is well known for the predominance of family-run businesses. It is a  secure family-friendly neighborhood that is situated in Calgary’s northwest and is home to a number of schools, amenities, restaurants, and grand homes with expansive yards. Because of its proximity to Calgary University and its reasonable housing options, this upscale neighborhood is also ideal for workers and students.


Are There Unsafe Neighborhoods in Calgary?

Yes, there are unsafe neighborhoods in Calgary. Although Calgary is a relatively safe city, there are however some neighborhoods that have been observed to pose more threats to life and properties than others, some of them are Red Carpet Trailer Park, Shepard, Foothills, Greenwood, West Dover, etc. with the major crimes being drug dealing, corruption, and bribery, assault, theft, and vandalism.

Calgary is one city in Canada that has become a target destination for several kinds of people including immigrants, tourists, and even citizens of Canada and this is because of its beautiful landscape, nice buildings, culture and art, tourist attractions, and lots more which makes it work-friendly, family-friendly, night life-friendly and even school friendly. However, because of this daily increase in visitors and how busy this area is, it has slowly become a target for criminals to execute crime with the most common crimes being drug dealing, corruption, and bribery, assault, theft, and vandalism.