Top 10 Safest Neighborhoods In Montreal (2024)

Montréal is the second largest city in Canada and the largest city in Québec province. Montreal is home to over 1.7 million people and is a beautiful city that is packed with job opportunities, culture, art, a good housing system, etc making it one of the most preferred places for most people in Canada to live in.

The safest neighborhoods in Montreal are South Shore, Mile End, Le plateau mont royal, Ville Saint Pierre, Sherbrooke, Ahunstic, Notre dame de grace, Westmount, and Outremont.

Although Montreal is frequently referred to as a safe city to live in, this does not necessarily indicate that it is among the safest areas in Canada. There are positives and negatives to it, and generally speaking, some communities have been considered to be safer than others. Here is a list of the safest neighborhoods in Montreal:

Top 10 Safest Neighborhoods in Montreal

1. Old Montreal

Old Montreal is a historic area that was first settled by the French as Fort Ville-Marie in 1642. This neighborhood is known for its beautiful buildings that date back to the era of New France. Old Montreal is relatively a neighborhood with little or no crime occurring in weeks and is also a good destination for tourists and even a place to live and settle in.

2. South Shore

This is another safe neighborhood in Montreal that is well known for its cheap housing system. South shore is majorly populated by families which might be due to its quiet, calm, and peaceful scenery, cheap housing, and safety. Although some petty crimes such as pickpocketing might occur in this neighborhood, the rate is lower than in most parts of Montreal.

3. Mile End

This is a sub-neighborhood of the plateau that is well known for its beautiful and artistic buildings. It is a safe neighborhood for people and even business owners and also has a variety of amenities that keeps this place bubbly and interesting. It is however advised that business and shop owners take extra precautions as some petty crimes might still occur around the store areas.

4. Le Plateau Mont Royal

The Le Plateau Mont-Royal Borough otherwise called PMR is regarded as one of the coolest places in the world to live, in large part because of its vibrant independent music scene, as well as its abundance of shops, venues, galleries, cafés, and renowned restaurants that cater to all tastes and price ranges. Asides from being fun, it is also relatively safe but it is however advised that extra security measures should be taken because of the high influx of visitors especially home alarms in case of a burglary.

5. Ville Saint Pierre

Ville Saint Pierre is a popular neighborhood that is located in the northern part of Montreal. Although it is a small neighborhood, it is one that has been observed over the years for its peaceful environs with only a few crime reports in a year. This neighborhood is suitable for families as well as students as it is home to the University of Montreal.

6. Sherbrooke

This is another residential neighborhood in Montreal that is considered one of the safest. It is located south of Parc le Fontaine and is renowned for having numerous apartment buildings that are usually sold at reasonable prices. Sherbrooke is a safe neighborhood that is considered one of the safest in the country and is very suitable for everyone looking to live on a budget in a very good location.

 7. Ahunstic

This is neighborhood is located in the northern part of Montreal in an exceptional position with lovely riverfront homes. This neighborhood is very family friendly as it has so many schools for the children as well as employment opportunities for the parents. It is a relatively safe neighborhood and has very few occurrences of crime.

8. Notre Dame De Grace

Located on the west side of Montreal, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (NDG) is a multicultural residential neighborhood with independent shops, restaurants, and takeout spots. This neighborhood is well known for its safe surroundings as well as its several houses which has made the place really comfortable to live in without having to bother about the stress of accommodation. This part of Montreal is suitable for almost everyone; students, families, or business owners.

9. Westmount

This is a high-end neighborhood that ranks number 1 being the most sought-after neighborhood in Montreal. This neighborhood is one with a beautiful view, a generally peaceful ambiance, and the richest residents in Canada. This neighborhood exudes luxury and has one of the most secure environs in the whole of Montreal. It is an urban and bubbly area that is well situated to be the closest to almost everywhere and although houses here are expensive, it is definitely worth it.

10. Outremont

This is another high-end area in Montreal with expensive houses, luxury restaurants, and boutiques. It is mainly a French-speaking neighborhood but is however still accommodating of English-speaking visitors. This neighborhood is mainly residential and is adorned with trees and beautiful houses. It is a safe environment that is family and work-friendly as it is only 5 minutes away from downtown Montreal.

Are There Unsafe Neighborhoods in Montreal?

Yes, there are several neighborhoods that have been considered unsafe in Montreal because of their high crime rates. Some of these neighborhoods are Rene Goupil, Hochelaga neighborhood, Le gay village, Ovide Clermont, Maisonneuve, Saint Marie, etc., and have been advised to be avoided at late hours because of the high rate of robbery, drug dealing, and prostitution which have been averaged to about 800 reported cases per month.



It is important to look out for the safest neighbourhood in Montreal when you are looking to move to the city.

Montreal has an increasing crime rate of 51.9% with the top three most common crimes being corruption, bribery, and drug dealing. Although the crime rate value is high and is on the verge of getting higher, it is still generally safe to reside in Montreal, it does, however, have its fair share of crime just as seen in most large cities all over the world. There are however some general security measures that you can put in place to ensure your safety, they are:

  • use a home alarm security system
  • avoid walking in dark and secluded areas especially if you’re alone
  • keep proper attention to your valuables
  • be on the lookout for strange activity.