List Of Short Courses In Canada For International Students (2023) Without IELTS

Canada may be the best option for you if you wish to pursue your education overseas without taking the IELTS or TOEFL. Many Canadian institutions don’t require the TOEFL or IELTS for admission. Basically, you are exempt from providing proof of language competency if you have lived and attended school for at least four years in an environment where English was the dominant language. The universities that accept applicants without IELTS or TOEFL scores are listed below.

  • Brock University
  • Carleton University
  • University of Winnipeg
  • University of Regina
  • Memorial University
  • Concordia University

But the list of short-term courses for international students without IELTS includes;

  • Business Administration,
  • Human Resources Management,
  • Communication,
  • Global Logistics Management,
  • Software Construction,
  • Software Engineering,
  • French Language.

List of Short Courses in Canada for International Students Without IELTS

1. Business Administration

The Brock University School of Continuing Studies offers this eight-month-long course. Toronto, Canada, is the location where this course will be studied. You will learn how to lead in the modern business environment through this training. You will learn vital information about how business is run from the inside. The following is covered: company introduction, business functions, commercial communication, Analysis and accounting, and Marketing Project Management Fundamentals. The annual tuition for this degree is CAD9,540.

2. Human Resources Management

The School of Continuing Studies at Carleton University is offering this course for seven months. Toronto, Canada, is the location where this course will be studied. You’ll learn something unique about human resources. It is a necessary skill that could land you a job anywhere in the globe. Recruitment, Labor Relations, Health and Safety, Finance, Organizational Behavior, and Human Resource Management are the main topics of this course. The annual tuition for this program is CAD11,925.

3. Communication

The University of Winnipeg offers this course over the course of one year. Winnipeg, Canada, is the location where this course will be studied. One of the greatest professional programs in Canada, it will provide you with a solid understanding of relationships and interpersonal communication. Strategy analysis, solution evaluation, life cycle management, business analysis, business planning, and project management fundamentals are all topics covered in this course. This course costs CAD11,263 to complete in a year.

4. Global Logistics Management

The University of Regina offers this course for one year. Canada’s Saskatchewan is where this course is being taken. It is among the top professional logistics courses offered in Canada. All throughout the world, you will master the very fundamentals of logistical procedures. The following topics are covered in this course: supply chain management, logistics infrastructure, global trade, global logistics, product control, inventory control, and risk management. The annual tuition for this degree is CAD11,263.

5. Software Construction

If you don’t have the funds to take this course abroad, you may still earn the required knowledge and certificate by taking it online at Edx, one of Canada’s top providers of distance learning. The University of British Columbia is offering this course. More than 12 million individuals worldwide have faith in this university. The following topics are covered in this course: Java programming, JUnit, how to construct a logical software system, and how to test data abstraction. The course is entirely free and only lasts 42 days.

6. Software Engineering

This is yet another outstanding program offered by EdX. This 42-day education program is free and offered by the University of British Columbia. You can learn the fundamentals of software engineering with the aid of this specific course. Building a non-trivial software system, Functions and technical specifications of the software system, designing and testing of the software system, and Refactoring and building a quality system are all part of the course’s curriculum. There is no cost for the course.

7. French Language

This is the best choice for you if you need to study French in order to get a job. You have the chance to study French online with native speakers at Athabasca University and pick up the language very quickly. These topics are covered in this course: Composition in French, French in the first year of college, French in the second year of college, and French pronunciation. The annual tuition for this course is €10,759. You do not need to travel to Canada because the course is online.


Can I Study Diploma in Canada without IELTS?

Which diploma or degree from Canada is best for you? Canada’s degrees are the most well-known and highly valued choice for international students. education in Canada Without IELTS, there is a huge potential. Numerous diploma programs in numerous subjects are offered by Canadian universities. Comparing certificate programs to full degree programs in Canada has many advantages. Students who obtain a diploma can work in Canada for a good salary. A certificate is a degree in their field of interest in less time.

Advantages of Studying Diploma Courses in Canada?

  • In comparison to other nations like the US, Canada has low diploma course tuition fees.
  • In order to explore several job options while also earning money, students are permitted to work while studying in Canada.
  • While pursuing a degree, one may choose to switch to a full-fledged master’s program.
  • In addition, you can start looking for full-time employment as soon as you have your degree. As a result, students have the chance to settle down as soon as their degree program is over.
  • One can easily obtain a student visa through a straightforward and uncomplicated method thanks to Canada’s relatively simple visa application process.

You stay current on improved ways to complete tasks by continuing to learn. Most of the time, there is never enough time to learn everything there is to know about a given subject. To address this issue, more flexible and time-efficient simpler learning methods have been developed. Short courses are these shorter learning styles.

There are several courses to study in Canada, but the list of short-term courses for international students without IELTS includes; Business Administration, Human Resources Management, Communication, Global Logistics Management, Software Construction, Software Engineering, and French Language.

Canada is a world leader in education because it offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degree programs as well as numerous scholarships for international students. Participants must submit their applications for Canadian Scholarships three to four months before the deadline. The number of overseas students will rise in the coming years.



A lot of institutions Canada now allow short courses for international students without IELTS.

You may be wondering how Canada permits without IELTS. It’s because many Canadian universities no longer require IELTS test scores. IELTS is not a requirement to study in Canada.