Top 10 Sunniest Places In Canada (2024)

Canada is not only famous for being a vibrant and safe country. It is also synonymous with cold, due to the climate of many of its cities. However, for folks in love with the sun, the good news is that you can still move to certain places in the country and enjoy the sun as frequently as possible.

Some of the sunniest places in Canada includes: Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Kindersley, Swift Current, Estevan, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon and Thunder Bay.

Top 10 Sunniest Places In Canada

1. Calgary

The beautiful city of Calgary is one of the largest in the whole country, and indeed, the largest in Alberta. But this place isn’t simply one of the country’s largest metropolitan areas, but also but it is a prominent sunny place in Canada. Annually, this place gets as huge as 2396 hours of sunlight very bright and shinny. It doesn’t matter what season it is, out of the 365 days in a usual year, Calgary welcomes sunshine 333 days annually.

Hence, Calgary should be your top destination if you are an immigrant from a hot country, and you are avoiding a very cold region in Canada. This place can be regarded as the sunniest place in Canada. It doesn’t just excel in this regard alone, but Calgary is really a superb metropolitan city with a lot to offer. With the right skills and information, you shouldn’t struggle to find something nice doing here. Additionally, you shouldn’t have issues blending into the system and lifestyle of Calgary.

2. Winnipeg

Winnipeg is one of the sunniest places in Canada, getting up to 2353 hours of bright sunshine yearly. If you don’t want to go towards the way of Calgary, you can move to Winnipeg. Winnipeg excel in terms of possessing a pleasant sunny climate. Not even just this alone, but we should also include it that this city can boast of a high employment rate. Hence, you won’t only relocate here to enjoy the pleasant climate, but you can also keep engaging productive stuff on different fronts. The city welcomes the bright sun for 316 days each year. You can enjoy that, plus other interesting things, like its high quality free public education and healthcare.

3. Toronto

Toronto is in Ontario, which has several sunny areas already. This city experiences up to 2084 hours of splendid sunlight yearly. We should also add that all there is about Toronto is not just about its sunny climate, but the city has much more to offer anyone interested in relocating here. Toronto is actually already a famous vacation destination with numerous opportunities for adventure. If you want to enjoy stuff like hiking sessions, you should find Toronto fascinating. Also, with the right skills and information, you should easily blend to life here, including getting a choice job. Actually, there are several productive things to keep doing in Toronto.

4. Kindersley

There is something special about kindersley, as it is a pretty unique place. The town is a gentle and rural one, sitting somewhere in Saskatchewan. It is a prominent sunny area in Canada, getting up to 2416 hours of sunshine annually. If you love it quiet and pleasant, away from the rigors of city life, you can consider Kindersley. One of its selling points is its financial implications, as you can get to save more money. We must also include that out of the 365 days in a year, Kindersley gets to experience sunshine for like 326 days. That is impressive, right?

5. Swift Current

If you are not swayed by Kindersley (which is understandable), you may want to look towards Swift Current, which is also sitting there in Saskatchewan. You can get blessed with an average of 2411 hours of sunshine annually if you move to Swift Current. Actually, this place has its own uniqueness quite alright. Aside weather talks, not too many people are living here currently, when compared to other places in Canada. Swift Current is also known for its affordable real estate. For folks insisting on the sun, you should expect the sun for 324 days annually in Swift Current.

6. Estevan

Estevan is close to the United States of America, and it’s a place that gets up to 2404 hours of sunshine yearly. Thus, Estevan is one of the sunniest places in Canada right now. Interestingly, sunshine is not the only thing Estevan has to offer you. The city provides huge employment opportunities, and you can earn nicely here. If you want to move to a pleasant place in Canada that has more than constant sunshine to offer, you can consider Estevan. It is cool starting a family here too, and there are many things left to be enjoyed here.

7. Edmonton

Edmonton is not just a lovely city in the province of Alberta (it’s also the province’s capital), but it’s one of the sunniest places in the whole country. Annually, Edmonton gets some 2345 brighter sunshine. Thus, if you are a sun lover, and you give great priority to this factor in your choice of migration destination, you can settle for Edmonton. The city has a whole lot to offer you, and your family too (if you are moving with them).

8. Regina

Regina is a very beautiful city in Saskatchewan (its chief city). It is home to several superb places and tourist destinations. Talk about the Mackenzie Art Gallery and other popular places. Interestingly, Regina is also prominent for its sunshine. The place is one of the sunniest places in the whole of Canada. Annually, Regina welcomes some 2318 hours of sunshine. You love the sun and despise the cold? You can move to Regina too. The city won’t merely offer you sunshine and warmth, but much more. You should enjoy it here in Regina.

9. Saskatoon

Saskatoon is not just one of the sunniest places in Canada, but it’s also one of the largest in the country. Located in the province of Saskatchewan (and it’s also the largest here), Saskatoon welcomes some 2268 hours of sunshine annually. The city is quite nice too, if you are particular about relocating there. The sun is bright and you should enjoy the general weather in the city. Of course, Saskatoon doesn’t only offer bright sun, but there are several other things you will like here. You should even have no big problem settling here as a new immigrant.

10. Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay is another sunny place in Canada. This city, which is located in northwestern Ontario, welcome some 2121 sunshine annually. It’s a beautiful place that sits on the shores of the largest lake you can find around (in fact, there are thousands of lakes around here). Thunder Bay is also a large city that offers more than sunshine to immigrants. The weather should be pleasant to you, as well as the numerous opportunities here. If you intend moving with your family, it’s cool too. You can always adapt to the lifestyle here as quickly as you want.



Obviously, many immigrants from hot territories should appreciate these sunniest places in Canada, as they can pitch their tents in any of the cities and still enjoy the Canadian life. These places won’t offer you just sunshine, but even much more