Telus Cell Phone Plan For Seniors (2024)

Telus is a Canadian telecommunications company that specializes in offering businesses and consumers in Canada a range of communications goods and services, including phone, data, Internet, and wireless services. It is one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies and is well known for providing a fast and reliable network, one of the fastest in Canada at affordable rates while also giving good discounts.

Telus cell phone plan for seniors is the Mobility for Good for Seniors which includes a free reconditioned phone, unrestricted countrywide talk and text, and 3GB of data for $25 per month.

Telus telecommunications is a renowned company known for its provision of great data services in both wireline and wireless format. It is especially noted for its fast network services and its several plans including family plans, plans for seniors, data sharing plans, and lots more. Some of the benefits of using Telus services and cell phone plans include:

  • It offers dependable and high-quality services
  • It gives customers the capacity to complete tasks from any location at any time.
  • Its quick network speeds up productivity and cuts down on wait times.
  • Makes connection easier and more affordable

Telus Cell Phone Plan For Seniors 

The main objective of Telus, a dynamic, global leader in communications and information technology based in Vancouver, British Columbia, is to link all Canadians for good and it has taken this 19% of the population into the heart and thereby created a cell phone plan to make their lives easier.

The main goal of Telus is to ensure that communication is made available to all, it launched the Mobility for Good Seniors cell phone plan which offers seniors in Canada who receive the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) of around $6,500 or more from Federal Government access to a free reconditioned smartphone, limitless domestic call and text, and 3GB of data for just $25 per month.

The idea of the Mobility for good seniors plan was brought about to help seniors alleviate feelings of loneliness, manage mental health, maintain relationships with loved ones, take advantage of favorite online games and literature, and gain access to vital healthcare resources and knowledge all with comfort and without breaking the bank.

Telus also added that elderly and low-income Canadians who may have previously encountered difficulties getting access to and affording a smartphone will benefit from the Mobility for Good for Seniors as it will greatly enhance access to virtual healthcare technology, including means of video conferencing from a smartphone. Additionally provision of a free smartphone will serve as a crucial tool for older Canadians to better navigate their communities and prevent the mental and physical health challenges associated with isolation and loneliness, particularly as more older Canadians stay at home and avoid gatherings to protect their health.

Here are the steps that you are to follow to sign up for the Telus cell phone plans for seniors:

  • Confirm eligible status- you are eligible for the plan if you receive the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) of around $6,500 or more from the Federal Government or if you can present the T4A(OAS), or Old Age Security statement, showing a box 21 amount paid to the senior.
  • Send proof of eligibility alongside personal details such as full name and contact details to the Telus official email or mailing address- 510 West Georgia Street – Floor 23, Vancouver, BC, V6B 0M3
  • Wait for a duration of about 2 weeks to get feedback about your application
  • If the application is approved, a confirmation code will be sent to your contact.
  • Get your free gadget and SIM card.

Some other cell phone plans and services offered by Telus include:

  • Telus Internet for Good provides high-speed broadband Internet for $9.95 per month to eligible low-income families and people with disabilities.
  • Telus Mobility for Good for Youth provides youth moving out of foster care for two years with a free smartphone and a fully-subsidized 3GB data plan.
  • Telus Tech for Good provides training and assistive technology to Canadians with disabilities who are having trouble using smartphones and tablets so they can live more independently.
  • Telus Health for Good allows Telus mobile health clinics to provide primary healthcare services directly to persons in need who are homeless in Canadian cities.
  • Telus Wise provides online tools and workshops to help Canadians of all ages stay safe in the digital environment.

How Much Does The Telus Cell Phone Plan For Seniors Cost?

The Telus cell phone plan for seniors costs a subsidized amount of $25 per month for access to a free refurbished smartphone or a new smartphone entirely, 3GB data, and unlimited domestic calls and text.

This plan is available to just seniors to help them stay connected and to relieve isolation.

Does Telus have Family Cell Phone Plans?

Yes, Telus offers family cell phone plans. The Cell phone plan for families allows for up to 49 lines of different members of the family to access data and other services including unlimited local and long-distance calling, 25 voicemails, text, image, and video messaging, call waiting, call display, and conference calling at discounted rates.

When compared to a single phone plan, the Telus family phone plan will cost you $15 less per line, and the more lines you add, the more money you save, allowing you to save even more money.

The Telus internet for good is also another plan that is available to families. It helps to provide high-speed broadband Internet at about $9.95 per month to eligible low-income families in British Columbia, Alberta and some areas of Quebec. However, recipients must have minor children who are receiving the maximum Canada Child Benefit and present a recent Canada Child Benefit (CCB) statement demonstrating a household net income of less than or equal to $32,028.



Telus surely has great plans for seniors and you sure can benefit from it once you can fulfil the requirements and follow the steps laid out in this article. The company also boast of strong internet connection which makes them a good option for senior citizens.