Top 10 Warmest Places In Canada In Winter (2024)

Unlike certain other countries, there are certain Canadian places where you can do a lot of summer activities even in winter period. These places are not simply warm in summer times alone, but during winter there can also be comforting and nice.

The Top 10 Warmest Place In Canada In Winter are Victoria (British Columbia), Vancouver (British Columbia), St. Catherines (Ontario), Kelowna (British Columbia), Halifax (Nova Scotia), Courtenay (British Columbia), Sunshine Coast (British Columbia), Sunshine Coast (British Columbia),  White Rock (British Columbia), Kamloops (British Columbia), and Sooke (British Columbia). As you can see, they are located in different parts of the country.

Here are the prominent warmest places in Canada even when winter is ongoing:

Top 10 Warmest Places In Canada In Winter

1. Victoria, British Columbia

This city is the warmest city in the whole country, even during winter. The city, which is the capital of British Columbia, is home to a lot of folks in need of a cool place to retire. There are many people who don’t like being restricted during the winter period, and it is reasonable. Hence, they give great value to a place like Victoria, where they still have a lot of things that can be done during winter. Of course, this doesn’t mean residents of this city won’t be able to still enjoy winter activities like ice-skating and the likes, but it’s just that they get to find winter more pleasurable than folks staying in certain other cities. Victoria has an average daily high temperature of 7.6 degrees Celsius and an average daily low temperature of 1.5 degrees Celsius on a good winter month.

2. Vancouver, British Columbia

Just like you can see flowers budding in some parts of Victoria during winter, you can also enjoy golf in Vancouver while winter is going on. It’s warm enough in Vancouver to enjoy being outside since this city is one of the warmest places in the country. Additionally, even during the thick moments of winter, you can still come across sunny days in Vancouver. Of course, you may encounter rain during this season in Vancouver, but you rarely come across snow. If you want a warm city to retire in Canada, you can head towards Vancouver. On a good winter month, the city has an average of 6.9 degrees Celsius, with daily lows of 1.4 degrees Celsius.

3. St. Catherines, Ontario

Ontario may be usually cold and all of that, but St. Catherines is special. This city, due to its location (situated in Niagara Region), is a warm one. It is one of the warmest places in all of Canada when it is winter (maybe the warmest in the whole of Ontario). If you are considering a city that is still chilly in deep winter, you can look towards St. Catherines. On a good winter month, St Catharines has an average daily high of 8.4 degrees Celsius.

4. Kelowna, British Columbia

If you think all there is to Canadian winter is simply the biting cold, then you should come over to Kelowna in British Columbia. Kelowna is a popular tourism destination in Canada during summer since you can do a lot of interesting summer activities there. However, even during the winter period, you can still engage in several things, which you can’t do elsewhere. Deep into winter, you can engage in stuff like winter hiking.

5. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax is one of the warmest places in Canada even during winter. Located on the shores of the Atlantic, while you should come across the snow at some point here, you can still enjoy mildness. Halifax, which is the capital of Nova Scotia, offers a lot that can be done during the winter months. You can decide to go snowshoeing, and even go to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. That is to say, tourists don’t have to wait till summer before visiting this nice city, but can also enjoy its glamour to a reasonable extent while it is even winter. Also, if you want to live in Halifax, you can move to this beautiful city and settle here.

6. Courtenay, British Columbia

Courtenay is a popular tourist destination in Canada. Amazingly, you don’t have to visit this place only during summer, but you can also enjoy the city even when it is summer. Unlike several other big cities in Canada on this list, Courtenay is a small city with a population that is less than 30,000. It is a place with mild winter, and you can still enjoy traditional Canadian winter activities too. You can do cross-country skiing, snowboarding, and so on. If you are a golf person, you can enjoy the game any time of the year. The city, on a good winter month, has an average daily temperature of 6.4 degrees Celsius, with average daily lows of 1.4 degrees Celsius.

7. Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

Sunshine Coast in British Columbia is pretty unique in its own way. Actually, it is not just known as Sunshine Coast simply for the fun of it, but it actually has the features. Here is a place with warmness even during the winter period. Even when winter is biting, you can still visit different places in Sunshine Coast, like cafes, restaurants, seaside communities, and so on. However, you should realize that while you may not see a lot of snow at winter, you can expect frequent rain.

8. White Rock, British Columbia

If you don’t still like the weather of a place like Vancouver, you should enjoy that of a city like White Rock. The rain isn’t too frequent here in winter period, and it is warmer too in this small city. If in the middle of winter you crave so much for the sun, you can visit White Rock.

9. Kamloops, British Columbia

Winter can be a little tolerable, even in Canada. It depends on the place you are. In a city like Kamloops, which is one of the warmest places in Canada even during winter period, you can still enjoy the sun. Actually, Kamloops has a reputation for being one of the prominent sunniest provinces in British Columbia. If you don’t fancy incessant snow and rainfall during winter, you can head over to Kamloops. In the thick moments of winter, you can still encounter pleasant days in this city. Actually, one of the things about the city is that it is situated in a valley and is surrounded by mountains.

10. Sooke, British Columbia

This nice town is a pleasant place to spend winter. If you are so much of an outdoor person (who doesn’t really enjoy being intimidated by the coldness of winter), you can look towards Sooke. The city has an average daily high temperature of 7 degrees Celsius on a good winter month. Additionally, you can easily interact with people from different walks of life in Sooke, as it is a hub for different people with different purposes. While it is an adequate escape from the rigours of big city living, you can still engage several top-notch amenities here.


These top 10 warmest places in Canada in winter are places you can visit if you want to enjoy the sun to a reasonable extent during the biting coldness of Canadian winter.


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