Top 8 Cheapest land In Canada 2023 (Where To Get It)

Years ago, some cities in Canada gave land away for free in order to attract more residents to join them, hence increasing the population which led to the development of the cities.

However, all this happened several years ago as there are no updates or news about the Canadian government or community leaders doing that kind of a giveaway in recent years. 

On that note we will be revealing the Canadian cities which once offered land for free, so you could make more research about them to get more updates.

Cheapest land in Canada – Places where land is sold at a cheap price in Canada 

1. Mundare

In Mundare, the town council once agreed to sell commercial lands in the downtown district for a dollar each. This was done to encourage people to start enterprises in the community. However, after a year while people rushed and bought the land, the offer was canceled with several institutions, schools, and real estate agencies built in the town. 

2. Pipestone

The lands in Pipestone we’re once sold for an average price of $10. Within the first five years, the community sold 24 hectares in its four main towns. These sales are subject to the completion of a home within a year and a $1000 down payment (with $990 refunded after the home is completed). Other incentives include $6,500 for constructing a new home, $4,500 for purchasing an existing home, and $32,500 for launching a business.

3. Scarth

Scarth was previously a bustling rural community in the Pipestone area, but it is now a ghost town with several plots for sale at $10 apiece.

4. New Brunswick, South Knowlesville

South Knowlesville barely existed until six years ago, when it began giving out large plots of land for free. Due to the offer, the community now has a population of only 25 people and is currently planning to distribute another set of lands. 

5. Saint-Louis-de-Blandford

Saint-Louis-de-Blandford is a village in Quebec City that has been subdivided into 40 plots. Since 2013, they’ve been giving free plots to anyone willing to commit to developing the land. The only stipulation is a $1,000 down payment, which will be repaid once the buyer has successfully constructed a house worth at least $125,000.

6. Craik

Craik attempted to reverse its decline by selling abandoned lands for $1 each. Those interested submitted an application outlining their ideas to build an eco-friendly home, and after the sale, the population of the town increased.

7. Saskatchewan’s Cupar

Cupar has been selling lands for $1 to the public since the early 1990s, and there may still be some available. The offer would include a year of free municipal taxes and water.

8. Yukon Crown Lands

Some unoccupied land remains in the northern Crown Lands, and the government is willing to give the land to those who commit to cultivating it. The one thorny criterion is that you have lived in the Yukon for at least one year. If you meet this requirement, you may submit an agricultural land application.

Since there is nothing like giving land away for free in this current age, there are still some alternatives as there are some cities in Canada where you can get houses at a very cheap rate. Below is a list of some of the cities in Canada where you can get cheap houses.

10 Places To Get Cheap Houses In Canada 

1. Kingston, Ontario 

Kingston, Ontario is ranked first on our list of the cheapest place to buy a house in Canada.

Kingston is frequently referred to as the best place in Canada to retire. This is due to its convenient location between Ottawa and Toronto, as well as its inexpensive cost of living. Because the average price of buying a house in the city is $463,993.

Since Kingston is located on Lake Ontario, the climate is cool in the winter but comes alive in the summer. There are also amazing dining and entertainment options in the city. You will never be bored, and you can simply travel down to Toronto, Ottawa, or Montreal for a day trip or a longer holiday.

2. Quesnel, British Columbia

Quesnel is not only one of the cheapest cities in Canada, but it is also one of the smallest. Apart from the inexpensive cost of living, Quesnel is a wonderful area to live because of its proximity to nature. No matter where you reside in Quesnel, you should be able to walk to any outdoor place in 10 to 20 minutes. There are also excellent schools and work opportunities in the city, so you’ll be well-served on both counts.

3. Edmonton, Alberta

Although capital cities are often more expensive to live in, Edmonton is not one of them. The average price of a home in Edmonton is $362,447, and the employment market is quite competitive, so you will be able to save a significant amount of money. Due to the cold, people are often afraid to relocate to Edmonton, which accounts for the job availability and low cost of living. Edmonton is an excellent, economical city to live in Canada if you don’t mind the cold.

4. Halifax, Newfoundland

If you’ve always wanted to live in the Maritimes, Halifax is a fantastic place to start. House prices in Nova Scotia average at $291,224, which is excellent for another capital city. Even though Halifax is smaller than most capital cities, employment opportunities are many. Halifax is also a great city for environment lovers, with many parks and beautiful views of the water. Halifax is a wonderful alternative if you want the perks of living in a city yet the feel of a smaller town.

5. Regina, Saskatchewan

Regina is an excellent place to live if you can tolerate the cold. The average house price is $271,000, and the employment rate continually increases to attract new people. Even though Regina is a capital city, it has a population of only about 190,000 people, so it’s not crowded.

6. Trois-Rivières (Québec)

Trois-Rivières is one of Quebec’s cheapest cities, and this is due to the fact that Quebec has some of the highest sales taxes in the country. Fortunately, housing in Trois-Rivières is very affordable. Trois-Rivières’ low cost of living is related to its location, which is an hour and a half outside of Quebec City. However, with over 135,000 residents, it is difficult to secure employment in Trois-Rivières. This is why it’s important to get something doing before moving to the city. If you get something doing, you’ll enjoy the low property prices and cost of living.

7. Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)

Winnipeg is an excellent place to live if you’ve always wanted to live in the Canadian Prairies. Winnipeg is the capital city of Manitoba, but the price of houses is relatively cheap, with an average house price of $341,175. Winnipeg has a relatively high employment rate of 94 percent, therefore new inhabitants are quite likely to find work.

8. Saint John, New Brunswick

Saint John has a population of only 130,000 people, but despite its small population, employment opportunities are limited, making it difficult for some to relocate. However, this doesn’t mean that houses are expensive in Saint John, as you can find several relatively cheap houses within the city without having to break the bank.

9. Brockville, Ontario

If you reside in Ontario, you’ll have probably heard of the Thousand Islands. This island was given the name because the area is full of beautiful islands. Brockville is a small city located on this Island. Despite its popularity and beauty, the cost of living in Brockville is relatively reasonable.

The majority of occupations are around tourism, thus they are seasonal, however, Brockville has industrial manufacturers, so job opportunities are plentiful.

10. Saint Catherines

Saint Catherines, another wonderful city in Ontario, rounds off our list of the city with the cheapest houses in Canada. Saint Catherines is in a fantastic location, close to Toronto and the breathtaking world wonder Niagara Falls. There are also several breweries, wineries, museums,  galleries, festivals, and other tourist attractions in Saint Catherines. It’s one of the most costly cities on our list, with house prices in Niagara averaging $511,500, but it’s well worth it.

Housing is roughly half the cost of Toronto, yet Saint Catherines is only an hour away, allowing you to visit the city whenever you want.


In this article, the word “free” should be used loosely because, as we all know, nothing is free In this world. The towns mentioned in the section where you can get land for free all have their requirements before you could be offered a land, as some require a little payment while others may need you to deposit for the construction.


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