Does Insurance Cover Braces In Canada? (2024)

Getting braces in Canada can be very expensive and its process can be lengthy. Before you consider getting braces, it’s important to find a trustworthy orthodontist, know the type of braces to go for, and also try to lower your expenses by knowing if it is covered by insurance.

However, all these are covered in this article but before we answer all these questions, let’s know what braces are, the cost, and how your choice of selection can affect your expenses.

Does Insurance Cover Braces In Canada?

Yes. Orthodontic Insurance covers braces in Canada, but it varies by plan and provider. Orthodontics are not covered by all dental insurance policies, so it’s important to inquire from your Orthodont to check if braces insurance is in their plans. 

Also, Inquire with your orthodontist about payment plans, and then divide the estimated cost by the number of months to figure out how much you will pay each month.

What Are Dental Braces

Dental braces which are also called orthodontic cases, are orthodontic devices that align and straighten teeth and help place them in relation to a person’s bite, while also attempting to enhance dental health. They are frequently used to repair underbites, as well as open bites, overbites, malocclusions,  deep bites, gaps,  crooked teeth, crossbites, and other dental and jaw abnormalities. Braces can be aesthetic or structural in nature. Dental braces are frequently used in conjunction with other orthodontic tools to help broaden the palate or jaws and shape the teeth and jaws.

Tyes of Dental Braces In Canada

Traditional metal wired braces:

These types of braces are made of stainless steel and are sometimes combined with titanium. These braces contain a metal bracket with elastic (rubber band) ties that hold the wire in place. 

Gold-plated stainless steel braces:

These types of braces are frequently used for patients who are allergic to nickel (a basic and important component of stainless steel), but they may also be chosen because some people prefer the look of gold over silver-colored braces.

Lingual braces:

These are cosmetic options in which custom-made braces are bonded to the back of the teeth, making them completely invisible from the outside.

Titanium braces:

This set of braces is similar to stainless steel braces, yet they are lighter and just as strong. People who are allergic to nickel in steel frequently opt for titanium braces, which are more expensive than stainless steel braces.

Customized orthodontic treatment systems:

This set of braces combines cutting-edge technology such as treatment planning software, robotics, and 3-D imaging to bend the wire to the patient’s specifications. Customized solutions like this one provide faster treatment times and more efficient outcomes. 

Progressive clear removable aligners:

This set of braces that are progressive in nature can be used to gradually move teeth into their final positions. Aligners are not typically used in complex orthodontic cases, such as those requiring jaw surgery, palate expansion, or extractions.

What Are The Benefits Of Teeth Straightening?

To Look More Attractive

One of the common reasons why people go for teeth straightening is to have a good-looking flawless smile. With an elegant smile, you attract people and it also adds to your beauty.

Easier to Clean

According to Healthline, crooked teeth are difficult to clean, and a lack of adequate hygiene can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Other complications include digestion problems caused by inappropriate chewing, gum and jaw wear and tear, and speaking difficulties.

You Increase Your Self-Esteem and Help You Live Longer

According to research, smiling more might improve your mood, which in turn can increase your immune system. The more you smile, the better your health and quality of life appear to be, and having straight teeth makes smiling much simpler.

From the points mentioned above, having straight teeth is about much more than just dental and cosmetic benefits. Having straight teeth can also benefit your mental and physical wellness.

Teeth straightening is a good notion, and braces can be an effective way to do it. But what’s the cost of braces?

Cost of Teeth Braces In Canada?

The cost of braces can range from $2,999 to $9,999. Most times, these figures are frequently affected by factors such as the quality and type of braces used. Traditional metal braces can cost up to $7,000, which is around 14% of the average Canadian’s income.

What Is the Cost of Braces With Insurance?

According to the Canadian Association of Orthodontics, braces are often covered at 50% via dental insurance plans (CAO).

While this varies based on your dental plan, dental insurances that cover braces normally do so at a 50% discount. However, this is not the case everywhere. Furthermore, there is no certainty that your dental insurance will cover braces at all.

An orthodontist, not a dentist, installs braces. Unfortunately, some insurance policies may not cover orthodontics expenditures. If that’s the case with your plan, you’ll have to pay for your braces out of pocket.

This is why it’s important to check to see if your insurance covers orthodontic services. Even if you don’t require braces, it doesn’t mean you won’t require the services of an orthodontist in the future. 

While it is beneficial to investigate various insurance choices, the harsh reality is that even with 50 percent coverage, you may face a significant expense. Unless you accept low-quality, low-cost braces, you could end up paying $3,000 or more. Even if many offices provide monthly payment plans for braces financing, you’re still going to lose a lot of money.

What if there was a less expensive and more effective way to straighten your teeth? Do you want to straighten your teeth without breaking the bank? If this is the case, you should think about using clear aligners as a viable option.



No one wants to smile if their teeth are in poor condition and braces appear to be the apparent solution to the problem. However, the big question to ask before considering braces is their cost and if insurance covers them in Canada. To save you the stress of searching around, we covered all you need to know in this article.