Top 10 Cheapest High Schools In Canada For International Students (2024)

Schooling in Canada is reasonably economical, particularly when compared with what is available in many other countries. International students interested in studying in an affordable but superb high school can look towards Canada, as they can benefit from the country’s inexpensive tuition rates.

Some of the cheapest high schools in Canada include Old Scona, Edmonton; Rundle College, Calgary; York House, Vancouver; Columbia International College, Ontario; AFNORTH International, Brunssum; Brentwood College School, Mill Bay; West Carleton, Dunrobin; Keystone International Schools; Royal Crown Academic School; Fulford Academy

Top 10 Cheapest High Schools In Canada For International Students

Canada is a pleasant country where a lot of international students love moving to. You can attend a superb high school in some of the most beautiful cities in the country. These high schools are not merely affordable, but superb.

1. Old Scona, Edmonton

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Old Scona Academic high school has been around for some time now, and the school has trained a lot of students since its inception. It was actually established in 1976 and its goal of ensuring a challenging atmosphere for learners is not changing yet. Hence, their students are pushed towards striving for excellence in all they do. Indeed, this is an excellent university preparatory school, opening its doors continually to students from around the world. If you are particular about a place for enhanced academic rigor and challenge, you can enroll in Old Scona Academic high school. Not only is it that the fees here are reasonable, but this high school is also rated as one of the best high schools in the country.

2. Rundle College, Calgary

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Rundle College is another high school that can be appropriately recommended. It is a co-educational day school with a great reputation too, as the management is bent on raising academic giants. They want to train their wards to not just be exceptional in the classroom but to also excel in different extracurricular activities. One of their prominent selling points is their customized programs (of course, these are crafted based on the Alberta Education Curriculum). If you are enrolling here, your family can even engage a virtual tour which will help you know more about them. Generally, Rundle College is not just one of the most affordable high schools in Canada for international students, but one of the best around that can be recommended.

3. York House, Vancouver

Really, if a young student would leave home to relocate to another country just for education purposes, then it is very necessary to see to it that the education they will be getting in their host country should be exceptional. This of course is vehemently dependent on the school they are going for. Therefore, we shouldn’t only be concerned about cheap high schools in Canada, but should also put into consideration schools that offer quality education (and are still affordable). This is one of the reasons a high school like York House is on this list. However, it should be noted that this is only for girls. If you are a male, you should look elsewhere. But then, York House School excels on different fronts, doing great since 1932.

4. Columbia International College, Ontario

This high school is situated in Hamilton, Ontario, and it’s indeed one of the largest of its kind in the country (they admit over 1,000 students each year). Columbia International College admits learners between the ages of 13 to 19, and they work hard toward expanding the intellectual and linguistics skills of their students. You will benefit a lot as an international student at Columbia International College. Not only is it that you will be prepared for post-secondary education, but you will also be trained to be a global citizen. Columbia International College admits international students from 66 different countries, and it’s a well-known and affordable school.

5. AFNORTH International, Brunssum

Here is another one that is not merely affordable, but recommendable for its quality education. They have a long and rich legacy of academic excellence, and even their extracurricular activities are top-notch.

6. Brentwood College School, Mill Bay

Here is another standard boarding school for high school learners in grades nine through twelve. It is actually a co-educational institution that would encourage students towards greatness, irrespective of their gender. The school has been around for many years now – since 1923. They have programs that will prepare you for university, and you should like it here.

7. West Carleton, Dunrobin

International students searching for affordable high schools in Canada can also look towards West Carleton Secondary School. The institution is a state-of-the-art one, and there are already thousands of learners here. The high school boasts of its family-like environment which fosters student well-being as well as their academic performance.

8. Keystone International Schools

Located in Keystone, Toronto, Keystone School is another superb high school in Canada that can be recommended for international students from different places in the world. It is a co-educational private school that educates students in grades 9 to 12.

9. Royal Crown Academic School

An institution with class, you can come over to Royal Crown Academic School for quality education to excel in life. Their doors are open to international students, and you don’t have to break the bank to enroll here as a student. It is a private high school in Toronto, Ontario, that guarantees quality.

10. Fulford Academy

Located in Brockville, Ontario, Fulford Academy is an excellent institution in Canada that can be recommended to international students in need of a quality but affordable high school. The school provides a variety of specialized programs, and they have also established a loving, family-like environment for their students.



This list of the cheapest high schools in Canada for international students should have given you a better perspective as touching your next step of action. Indeed, this country can’t only boast of superb high schools due to the exceptional quality of learning attached to its system, but they are also pretty affordable.