Top 10 Richest People In Calgary, Alberta (2024)

The list of richest men in Calgary teaches us that the prime way to become very wealthy is to have a family that’s into a prominent and outstanding business. The following list helps to show the most prestigious families in Calgary who have helped to contribute positively to the economy.

The list of the richest people in Calgary, Alberta includes Daryl Katz, Fred, and Ron Mannix, Estate of Ronald Southern, N Murray Edwards, Jin Riddell, David Werklund, Brad Shaw, Ghermezian brothers, Ron Joyce and David Cheriton.

Top 10 Richest Men In Calgary, Alberta 2023

1. Daryl Katz – $4.36 Billion

Daryl Katz is proudly one of the wealthiest men in Calgary. His father was a renowned pharmacist and also went to the University of Alberta before he ventured into the pharmacy business himself. In 1991, Daryl could amass his wealth by purchasing the Canadian rights, the Medicine Shoppe. From 1991 to 2016, he grew his business into a widely diversified corporation known as the Katz Group of Companies, which was also involved in other businesses like pharmacy, recreation centers, and real estate management.

2. Fred and Ron Mannix – $3.3 Billion

The family of Mannix has been deeply involved in scheming out the business industry in Canada. They initially got their footing in 1898 when their great-grandfather bought some horses and was awarded a contract to work on the Canadian Pacific Railway. Since that first contract, the Mannix family has been fully involved in several huge projects like the construction of the Montreal subway systems and much more.

An estimation of the net worth of the Mannix FS is about $4.3 billion. One fascinating thing about the Mannix brothers is that even though they’re among the richest families in Canada, both Fred And Ron live private lives. They both live private life to the extent that you’d hardly get any information about them even when you search for them on Google. All the same, both Ron and Fred went to the University of Alberta, and they are actively involved in promoting human welfare.

3. Estate Of Ronald Southern – $2.3 Billion

Although dead now, Ronald Southern was one of the richest men in Calgary, Alberta. He was one of the most prominent businessmen and was popularly known for being dedicated to culture regardless of how wealthy and established he was. The net worth of Ron Southern’s family is estimated to be about $2.3 billion.

Initially, he wished to become a doctor because he studied at the University of Alberta; however, he diverted his University tuition fees to go into business. Ronald first got his footing in the world by starting with renting out mobile trailers to construction companies. Over time, he discovered that there was an urgent need for rugged and strong trailers that could resist the harsh weather conditions of Canada, which led to him establishing the Alberta Trailer Company.

4. Murray Edwards – $2.18 Billion

A perfect example of a success story achieved by one’s success is that of N. Murray Edwards. He didn’t have a rich background unlike the other prominent men in Canada. His grandparents were farmers and blacksmiths while his both parents were teachers and accountants. For Edward, he used most of his summer holidays to work as a referee in hockey sport in a bid to earn money for himself.

Fast-forward to his game as a prominent businessman, he started by mining a well that eventually came out dry. After that, he focused on establishing his personal company in the energy industry and investing in other booming energy companies.

5. Jin Riddell – $1.62 Billion

Clay Riddell passed away in 2018. However, he was also one of the richest men in Canada. Clay Riddell came from a common background. His father was a mailman before he decided to invent his own oil company. Clay established Paramount resources in 1974, which is now one of the largest oil drilling companies in the nation. As time went on, he created ten other several companies from Paramount resources, and he still has shares in nearly all the companies. Clay Riddell, however, handed his fortune and businesses over to his children.

Currently, Jim Riddell, his son, is the chief executive officer of Trilogy Energy, while his daughter Sue Riddell runs and controls Perpetual Energy. Each of his children is now overseeing the companies of their father successfully. An estimation of the net worth of the Riddell family is about $1.62 billion.

6. David Werklund – $1.43 billion

David Werklund was introduced to the farm in his early days before going ahead to work in an oil company as a product manager, and currently, he is an oil mogul. In 1979 he established his first oil company, Concord Well Servicing. As time passed, his company developed into one of the largest well-service companies in Canada.

7. Brad Shaw – $1.2 billion

Shaw Communications started as Capital Cable Television Company, founded by J.R. Shaw in 1966. His company is into the supply of cable telecommunications. J.R. Shaw built the company into having about 10,000 workers; in 2020, more than $4 billion in sales have been recorded.

8. Ghermezian Brothers – $650 million

The net worth of the Ghermezian family is estimated to be about $650 million. Although their net worth was way higher than that and used to be about $2.43 billion, due to some difficulties that arose from Covid on the securities they held on real estate properties, their net worth dropped abruptly to $650 million.

We’ve developed many of the world’s biggest shopping malls today via the company of the four Ghermezian brothers. However, their pioneer family business was the production of rugs before they diverted their attention to establishing a company that was into real estate management.

9. David Cheriton – $4.2 billion

David Cheriton is a big-time billionaire in Canada who was able to become successful by cleverly combining his investment intelligence with his ability to use the computer effectively. David Cheriton joined one or more others in founding Arista and he’s one of the pioneer investors in Google.



Looking at the list of the richest men in Calgary, Alberta, you will find out that most of them have been able to set the pace in their various business environments.

Daryl Katz, Fred, and Ron Mannix, Estate of Ronald Southern, N Murray Edwards, Jin Riddell, David Werklund, Brad Shaw, Ghermezian brothers, Ron Joyce and David Cheriton have all proved their worth over the years.