Top 10 Cheapest Cell Phone Plans Calgary (2024)

A monthly cost is charged for a set number of calling minutes, text messages, and data for things like using social media apps and browsing the internet. Optional extra services like more data, hotspot tethering, or streaming services could be available with the plans.

There are different types of cell phone plans in Calgary, but the cheapest cell phone plan in Calgary is Koodo Mobile which starts as low as $25 monthly.

Canada has some of the most expensive mobile plans in the entire globe. Even if you aren’t looking for a premium plan with unlimited internet, finding a basic, reasonable cell phone plan could be challenging. However, there are some affordable options out there; some of our favorites are provided by specialized carriers like Lucky Mobile, Public Mobile, and Chatr.

Top 10 Cheapest Cell Phone Plans in Calgary

1. Virgin Mobile 1GB BYOP Plan

The 1GB BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) plan from Virgin Mobile comes with unlimited texting, pay-per-use calling, and 1GB of data. It will be worthwhile to check out this plan if you don’t make a lot of calls and don’t mind having limitations on sending texts across the country. Additionally, Virgin Mobile utilizes Bell’s strong network, so you’ll benefit from the same excellent coverage.

2. Koodo Mobile Prepaid $25 Base Plan

With the $25 Base Plan from Koodo Mobile, you get 500 minutes of province-wide talking, unlimited domestic and international messaging, and 500MB of data, all supported by TELUS’ robust network. Even though the data allowance might seem a little meager, if you use your phone primarily over WiFi, you won’t need to be concerned. You also avoid having your credit checked because this package is prepaid.

3. Chatr Mobile $40 Nationwide Talk, Text & Data Plan

Many inexpensive phone plans offer little to no data. Consider Chatr Mobile’s $40 Nationwide Talk, Text & Data Plan if you want a generous amount of data but don’t want to pay more than $100 per month for it. This prepaid package offers 4.5GB of 3G data in addition to unlimited calls and texts. Although 3G internet rates aren’t the best for intensive streaming, they should be adequate for other tasks like web surfing, social media, and email. If you don’t want to bother about manually renewing your plan each month, the autopay option is ideal and saves you $5 each month.

4. Bell Monthly $35 Prepaid Voice

The $35 Monthly Prepaid Voice Plan from Bell is a fantastic way to use Bell’s excellent network without having your credit checked. This prepaid plan includes 100MB of high-speed data in addition to unlimited domestic and international texting and calling inside Canada. One of the most economical plans provided by a premier carrier is this one.

Best Calgary Family Plans?

In Calgary, family plans from Bell, Rogers, and TELUS all provide unlimited talk and text. The optimal sharing plan for you, however, will depend on the monthly spending limit and data requirements for your household. Since you receive a discount for each line you add to your account, a sharing plan is a more cost-effective choice for families wishing to stay connected than putting everyone on an individual unlimited plan.

Every member of the family will receive a specified quantity of data, according to Rogers’ commitment. Each line on the 10GB Plan receives unlimited talk and text as well as 10GB of high-speed data, and every additional line you add saves you $10. A four-line family plan, for instance, will cost you $40 less per month and come with 40GB of data, with no data overages—your internet speeds will be slower for the rest of the billing cycle. The family discounts are available on all Rogers Infinite Plans, including the 20GB and 50GB Plans, if you require even more data.

Which Carrier Has the Best Coverage in Calgary?

The finest coverage in Calgary is provided by Bell, TELUS, Koodo Mobile, and Virgin Mobile, whose networks cover around 70% of the city. The networks of Rogers and Fido are likewise quite good, covering over 61% of Calgary, whereas Freedom Mobile only covers.78% of the city.

What is the best and cheapest cell phone plan in Canada?

Prepaid 1GB + Talk + Text plan from Public Mobile costs $23 per month and is the best and most affordable option. Why we cherish it: 99% of Canadians are covered by the low-cost carrier Public Mobile’s countrywide network. Even if the maximum data speed is only 3 Mbps, you can still talk, browse, and even stream Spotify with that speed.



The cheapest cellphone plans in Calgary come in varieties and different providers. You will want to look into their peculiar features before settling for anyone.

There is no one-size-fits-all cell phone plan, so picking the correct one can be challenging and intimidating. Thank goodness, we did the homework so you could make an informed choice. You can get some of the best and cheapest cell phone plans from any provider in Calgary, regardless of what your wireless priorities are.

To receive the best prices, bring your current phone with you when you sign up for a plan. All carriers offer Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) plans, and many of them will even give you a discount if you supply your own handset. With this option, you can also quickly transfer carriers if a better deal presents itself.

You might have recently started using your first cell phone for on-the-go communication. You may need data in order to maintain connectivity across all of your chat apps today. With the help of the Cheapest Cell Phone plan in Calgary, you may utilize all the features of your smartphone without spending a fortune.