Top 10 Richest Indians in Canada (2024)

The richest Indians in Canada list is a compilation of names and personalities that go beyond the acquisition of wealth. while they may not be as wealthy or powerful as Mukesh Ambari, Gautam Adani, or the Hinduja Brothers, the people on this list are even more of an inspiration; many of them are self-made and came to Canada with little more than the clothes on their backs, but through hard work and prudent investments, have gone on to build empires worthy of mention anywhere in the world.

The top 10 richest Indians in Canada are not just wealthy; they are decent men who do not try to impress or intimidate others with their wealth and position, but instead try to use their blessings to make the world a better place. They are renowned philanthropists, and are known for making huge contributions to worthy causes all over the world, but primarily in Canada and India.

We have much to learn from these men; they show us that nothing is impossible as long as there is the will. For your reading pleasure, please find below the wealthiest Indians in Canada.

Top 10 Richest Indians in Canada

1. Steve Gupta

Net-worth: $350 million

Steve Gupta is the poster boy for immigrants chasing the dream of moving to a new country and getting rich. His rags-to-riches story is one that seems incredible like it is too good to be true, or even outlandish.

 He arrived in Toronto in 1971 as a 20-year-old with only $100 in his pocket. Steve Gupta then took factory jobs and sold life insurance to meet his needs until he had saved enough money to make a down payment on his first commercial property. From there he acquired a taste for property development.

Today Gupta is a property developer and a certified hotel boss with 15 hotels with over 2,700 rooms under his empire. In 2010, he became the first Canadian and the only South Asian to have won the prestigious Marriott Horizon Award. 

His prolific donations have also earned him the Hotel Association of Canada Humanitarian Award 2010, he has earned a reputation for his huge donations to both local and international charities and initiatives.

2. Surjit Babra

Net worth: $300 million

Surjit Babra is the Chairman of Skylink Travel Group and the second richest Indian in Canada. This renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist also have another immigrant rag to riches story to tell. One could say he has traveled all over the world looking for a place to call home. He was born in India, raised in Kenya, Lived in Britain, before landing in Canada. He established the first SkyLink Travel office in Toronto in 1979. 

From there he has built a reputable travel business with a presence in several countries of the world. The SkyLink Travel Group is well known under the following country-specific brands SkyLink Travel, Tourcan Vacations, FlyLink Travel, and SkyLink Holidays.

Surjit Babra has not enjoyed his blessings alone; he has been involved in several philanthropic pursuits. He has paid special attention to the needs of some of the world’s most vulnerable people in developing areas. A shining example is his company’s association with which provides irrigation for farmers in dry areas of India. his company also provides funding for charities that rescue young women from the streets of India.

3. Ramesh Chotai

Ramesh Chotai, who today is the President of Bromed Pharmaceuticals, did not start out a big pharma boss; he too has gone through a long and winding road- even if not as rough as the two highlighted above. He was born in Uganda, studied in Britain, and Switzerland, and then returned to Uganda to work in ICI Pharmaceuticals in Kampala.

Ramesh Chotai landed in Canada in 1972 and started working as a pharmacist/manager at an Oshawa Pharmacy. With the experience he gained there he has gone on to build a successful career manufacturing and distributing medical and health care products around the world. His company, Bromed Pharmaceuticals Inc. is among the top 3 Canadian importers of pharmaceutical raw materials from India. 

Ramesh Chotai is a leader of the Indo-Canadian community and a philanthropist of repute. He is the  Vice-Chairman of the Canadian Museum of Hindu Civilization and holds many other prominent positions. 

4. Vasu Chanchlani 

Vasu Chanchlani is the co-founder of the Sigma Group of Companies. He can also be described as a millionaire investor with dozens of companies globally in his portfolio, consisting of start-ups and turnarounds. He has taken a central role in improving Canada-India relations through his philanthropic activities and engagement with the Indian Diaspora to serve the interests of both countries.

Aside from his business deals, he has put a lot of money in philanthropy, especially in the area of health, and public policy research, as well as nurturing and funding entrepreneurship.

5. Barj S. Dhahan 

Barj S. Dhahan is from a Sikh family from rural Punjab in India. He landed in Canada in 1967 and has since lived in Vancouver, British Columbia. He attended the University of British Columbia and Regent College and has made his mark in business.

 Barj S. Dhahan is the founder and chief executive officer of Sandhurst Group of companies. His business is the commercial kind of real estate, and he is a big-time developer.

He is also quite famous as a philanthropist; he has donated to so many worthy causes including charities that provide for children in need, as well as charities that provide healthcare for vulnerable people.



The list of successful Indo-Canadians could go on and on and on, however, we decided to stop here because we only want to include names with verifiable wealth. As time goes by no doubt we will find new entrants to this list as many more success stories will pop up to limelight.

Nevertheless, we encourage caution. Migrating to Canada, or any other country is not an automatic ticket to a life of wealth and prosperity. While we are impressed and inspired by the stories above, we must count the cost before making the decision to leave our home countries and move to a new land.